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Heart surgeon, author of NYT bestseller "The Plant Paradox” & the cookbook, founder @gundrymd.


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Looking good @food.prescription! In this week’s podcast I answer questions sent in from my friends here on Instagram as well as YouTube and email. 
It’s only part 1.  More to come next week.  Link in profile. 
#Repost @food.prescription ・・・
Okra Chips 😋😋🌿. Had forgotten how delicious these little beauties are #lectinfree #theplantparadox 🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿💋
On set with @mindbodygreen today.  Working on a couple courses for you! Here’s a little #behindthescenes peek.  Gotta love onions. ;)
How did @charitywater start? Wondering what you can do to help make the world a better place.  Check out my latest podcast with founder @scottharrison. Link in profile.
New podcast up! My friend @scottharrison and I chat about his HUGE lifestyle change and the importance of bringing clean water to those in need. Link in profile.
Enjoying the @wellsummit this weekend. #repost
My friend @scottharrison, founder of @charitywater, wrote a remarkable book about his personal journey of redemption, compassion and his mission to bring clean water to the world. I read it during my recent trip to Sicily and could not put it down. We talk about Scott’s story, business and lifestyle changes in next week’s podcast.  His book is available now.  Link in insta-story.
If you haven’t yet, check out my latest podcast featuring Longevity Expert Valter Longo! This Italian-American’s ideas about calorie restriction may surprise you.  Link in insta-story and in profile.
We’ve got a new podcast coming with a key thought-leader in nutrition.  Can’t wait to share it with you on Monday.  Have a lectin-free weekend! #thedrgundrypodcast
Love this “pizza” via the guys as @myx.inc.  Check out their page and their Plant Paradox friendly recipes. 
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Focaccia Pizza Crust, delicious!!!! We played around with our Focaccia Bread recipe and created a new grain free, lectin free, and sugar free pizza crust. Toppings are of course endless, we had caramelized onions and mushrooms with Italian mozzarella in addition we drizzled a nice portion of olive oil. Great with one of your favorite bottles of Chianti. Visit our blog for many great recipes www.myx.com #theplantparadoxboys  #italiancheese  #avocado cado  #plantparadox #healthyfood #healthylifestyle  #grainfree  #sugarfree  #lectinfree  #glutenfree  #drgundry  #delicious  #foodporn  #yummy  #foodie  #healthyrecipes  #healthymeals  #buzzfeast  #eeeeeats  #keto #plantparadoxdiet  #yum  #instafood  #delicious  #foodie  #cooking  #nomnom  #vegetarian  #eeeeeats
Beautiful shot from @eatlectinfree! ・・・
A glass full of polyphenols?! Don’t mind if we do! Happy Friday! #redredwine #polyphenols #bigsur #eatlectinfree #lectinfree #plantparadox #antioxidants #healthbenefits #hearthealthy #friday #treatyoself #antiinflammatorydiet #vino #italiangirls #views #norcal #decompress
Kale salad from the Plant Paradox Cookbook. Dark leafy greens are one of the best things to eat to keep your mind sharp.  For more information on “Genius Foods.” Check out my latest podcast with @maxlugavere.  Link in profile.
In Sicily, on Mt Etna, home to some of the highest vineyards in the world. Studies show that Sicilian Reds dramatically improve Heart health. This vineyard has been in the family for hundreds of years; almost wiped out by the lava flow of 1981. Full report to follow. Penny and I are always looking out for you!  Work, work, work. Dr G