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Heart surgeon, author of "The Plant Paradox”, founder @gundrymd. Shop Plant Paradox-approved groceries here:


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Look who I ran into at KTLA this morning! Catherine Bell (star of Good Witch) says she a fan of the #plantparadox.
Had a great time on set today!
Check out the latest issue @people (June 25) ! Great spotlight on #kellyclarkson and her experience on the #PlantParadox diet.
Working on “lectin-independence” July 4th recipes today! 🎇 Stay tuned for a tomato-free BBQ sauce, nightshade-free potato salad, and grain-free peach cobbler! What will be on your #lectinindependence menu?
Grandkids Oliver and Sophie, eating Plant Paradox Chocolate Chip Mint Cookies on Fathers Day.  Feed your kids right from day one and save their lives! Dr G
Happy Fathers Day! Finished a 5 mike trail run on Dove Mountain @mbgRevitalize and heading home to celebrate with my wife and girls And of course, the 4 dogs. Who’s your Daddy?! Dr G
Here at MBGRevitalize in Tucson with the brilliant Dr Dean Sherzai (The Alzheimer’s Solution) and The equally brilliant Max Lugavere(Genius Foods)! Dr G #mbgrevitalize
I need your help! With all the new Plant Paradoxers lately, I’ve been flooded with food questions. This is where I need your input from those that live the lectin-free lifestyle. You see, I want the online grocery store on Gundrymd.com to be as comprehensive as possible to help people stick with the diet by getting the right products & ingredients easier. I know, it can be tough to locate if you don’t live near a health food store. So, what Plant Paradox-compliant ingredient, products, kitchen gadget or packaged food do you recommend adding to the store? To see the full list of products so far, go to: Gundrymd.com/groceries. The live link is above in bio. PLEASE leave your comments / suggestions below. Thank you!🙏🙏🙏
SO much to celebrate today! 🎉 First time that both Plant Paradox books (the original and the cookbook) are dancing on the New York Times bestseller list. And congrats @joannagaines for the success of your new cookbook!
For those of you just starting the Plant Paradox diet phase 1, here’s one of my favorite snacks: avocado stuffed lettuce boats. Click the link above in bio for the recipe.
That’s a first! Yesterday, they had 8k in stock. Sold out today! 🙏 @kellyclarkson Let’s keep spreading the word so not one person has to suffer from disease or illness! Food can be your medicine if you know which ones to eat & more importantly, which to AVOID.
Just what the Doctor ordered in Antibes! Wild scampi, avocado, shaved artichokes, red grapefruit sections, arugula and baby greens! We are going to start making this back in the States! Maybe @kellyclarkson will stop by! Dr G