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Heart surgeon, author of NYT bestseller "The Plant Paradox” & the cookbook, founder @gundrymd. Latest podcast:


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The problems with eating meat and why olive oil is the best thing for you! Check out @tombilyeu’s latest video podcast. Link in profile.
Sneak peek of The Dr Gundry Podcast, launching soon! We’ve got an exciting lineup of guests, from biologists and MDs to chefs and athletes. What guests pursing health do you think I should invite on the show? Please leave your suggestion below!
Living in a blue zone, exercising everyday & eating mostly a vegetarian diet, I was STILL 70 lbs overweight, tired & sick. I share this on #throwbackthursday to encourage you to stick with the Plant Paradox. The longer you’re on it, the more results / healing you’ll experience.
Latest Kelly Clarkson article on newsstands now! Although some have had dramatic weight loss on the Plant Paradox like the magazine cover touts (20 lbs in 14 days) ....I always say: weight off slow, you’re good to go.
“There’s nothing sexy about a leaky gut” @betches podcast is now avail. Find out what surprising ‘healthy’ protein you’re eating that may be causing hair loss and many more dietary tips. Listen via link above.
Excited to announce the third Paradox book is available for pre-order! It will be on shelves April 2019. In this book, I reveal groundbreaking secrets of how to live longer...FULL of vitality! Link to order in bio. •
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It’s 116 degrees here in Palm Springs! 🔥🔥🔥 Stay cool with these good-for-you frozen treats. Full video on the GundryMD @youtube channel.
Stopped on the beach in Montecito this morning by this beautiful young lady, her husband and two kids (the Daughters named Penny!) who cured herself of Rheumatoid Arthritis one year ago by following The Plant Paradox! She said it’s so great to be able to run after her young kids on the beach without pain! She was afraid to stop me to tell me about her story. Hey, never be afraid to tell me of your success! That’s why I do this!
Dr G
Sprinkle it, just a little bit....Next time you have a turmeric golden latte or turmeric shot, make sure to include this potent spice to reap turmeric’s incredible benefits.
Great interview with @drdrewpinsky today! Stay tuned to listen to it on his podcast.
Perfect summer lunch: Green Mango Salad. Get the recipe on the Gundry YouTube channel, link in bio.
Do you spy what I spy??? First time I’ve seen that phrase on packaged foods! Way to go @nature_nates_llc! (It’s available for purchase on my ‘low in lectins’ grocery store at Gundrymd.com/groceries under Snacks category)