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Heart surgeon, author of NYT bestseller "The Plant Paradox” & the cookbook, founder @gundrymd.


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In this week’s episode of The Dr. Gundry Podcast we talk about fat.  The good, the bad and how to “superfuel”your body and your brain. Thanks to @drjamesdinic for joining me.  You can listen to it on iTunes, Stitcher or watch it on YouTube.  Link in profile.
‘Shroom Night! Black Trumpets, Lion’s Mane, Chanterelles, plus Treviso (a chicory), sautéed in olive oil from Bariani. Gut bug and taste bud heaven! Dr G
If you’re feeling “not your best” after a big Thanksgiving meal, you’re in luck! Excited to introduce my “head chef” and recipe developer Kate! In today’s podcast we share quick and easy ways to adapt your holiday recipes to be Plant Paradox compliant. Link in profile!
Gut buddies thanksgiving dinner! radicchio, treviso, curly endive ( all chicories)with inulin, Chanterelle mushrooms, avocado, olive oil and balsamic vinegar.  They will be happy and my taste bugs are singing along! Dr G
Working with my team on some recipes for Thanksgiving! Here you see a sweet potato pie with homemade candied ginger (monkfruit sweetener) and a coconut crust. The kitchen smells amazing! Curious how I come up with my recipes? I’m planning a podcast with my recipe developer to give you some Plant Paradox appropriate recipes for the holidays.  Click link in profile to listen to my latest podcast.
No polyphenols over here! Your gut bugs don’t like candy...therefore neither does your body.  @eugeniagbone and I talk about the cloud of “bugs” that surround us and live in us in my latest podcast.  Link in profile.
Love these as a snack! Baruka nuts remind me of beer nuts and are covered in polyphenols. I found these on Amazon.  Enjoy!
Great interview this morning with Founder & CEO of the @catalinasearanch Phil Cruver! His ranch is billed as the first offshore aquaculture facility in US Federal Waters and may be the answer to providing sustainable seafood to the US.  Also, mussels are great for your brain health! Omegas! Interview will be available soon on #thedrgundrypodcast.
Back from Italy and trying to duplicate Italian style. Wild mushrooms, sage, watercress, onions, garlic, olive oil, and pressure cooked beans! Abbondanza! Dr G
It’s olive harvest time in the hills above Portofino! Last fall, I posted about families shaking the olives off the trees in Cinque Terre; here in Portofino, about an hours drive away, they put out nets to capture the ripe olives as they fall. However you get your olives and olive olive, make sure you have some today and everyday! Ciao Bella!
Walking through a Ferrari exhibit in Portofino, Italy, I met Eden, visiting from Israel,  who happens to be a big fan! Traveling with lots of Lectin Shield, and Vital Reds; Penny and I put in 8.5 miles on the trails around Portofino. Beautiful Indian Summer, temps in the 70’s. I’m going to do a podcast this next week about our experience working with the Winemakers in Montalcino and Sicily. Stay tuned! Dr G
Looking good @food.prescription! In this week’s podcast I answer questions sent in from my friends here on Instagram as well as YouTube and email. 
It’s only part 1.  More to come next week.  Link in profile. 
#Repost @food.prescription ・・・
Okra Chips 😋😋🌿. Had forgotten how delicious these little beauties are #lectinfree #theplantparadox 🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿💋