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I am excited and humbled to have joined @dermveda ‘s #dermatology editorial team of likeminded practitioners !!💖 If you’re looking for an expert resource filled with curated articles revolving around #integrative and #alternative skin care, make sure to check out Dermveda.com!! 🙌🏽Here’s to new #colleagues and new friends!✨LETS GET GLOWING!✨Dr.V💕ps! Happy #match day to all residents who participated this year! Special shout out to all the new #derm residents!!! Huge congratulations 🎊🎉🎈!!!!
Happyyyy #International Women’s Day!!!! 👯‍♀️👯‍♀️👯‍♀️👯‍♀️👯‍♀️👯‍♀️👯‍♀️👯‍♀️👯‍♀️celebrating all #women everywhere... today and everyday! ✨💖✨tag your fav women below!!#FortWayne #fw  #indiana
DOS & DONTs of SKINCARE - March Mindfulness Day 2!! Do you just love those microbead-containing cleansers? 👉🏽👉🏽 🛑! Stop! Before you go out and spend your well-earned money on another one of those exfoliating cleansers, think 🤔 💭 about this! Not only are those beads harsh on your skin, they are filled with tiny plastic micro beads that eventually make its way down your sink 🚰 and shower 🚿, into rivers and eventually our oceans! Oh no! 😥From there they can be mistaken for fish eggs and inside other water dwelling creatures! 😱What's a girl or guy to do? 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏻‍♂️ 👉🏽DO ✅ choose eco-friendly products or cleansers without those harsh beads. Coffee ☕️ grinds make for a great exfoliant, but save those for your body and not your beautiful face ☺️clay masks 🎭 and sugar scrubs are also another way to cleanse that skin, while saving the #environment! Each of us have the #ability to #choose #mindful #clean #green and #sustainable #skin #care. ✨Do yourself and our earth 🌏 a HUGE favor next time you’re shopping for a new #cleanser! Small changes DO add up over time ✨LETS GET GLOWING!✨Dr.V #fw #fortwayne #fort #indiana
Dos & Dont’s of Skin Care!

1. Are you a #pimplepopper?! Although it appears enticing, and may cause some personal satisfaction, as you see that mountainous red angry looking spot erupt with yellow pus as you squeeze the bajeezies out of it. Before you pop that next pimple — STOP!!! I said STOP! 🛑 Popping that pimple results in more postinflammatory pigmentation (think: darker spot) which takes longer to resolve, and is more likely to leave a scar! DO✅: Use topical benzoyl peroxide over the counter, topical sulfur, matcha green tea mixed with turmeric, or a clay spot treatment. Sandlewood paste is also helpful for acne, as is a tea tree oil cleanser or spot treatment. I also 💕 love 💕 using a cold spoon or icepack (cold decreases inflammation) with my turmeric spot treatment. 👉🏽Just don’t squeeze it!! You can also come in for a quick steroid injection💉 into the pimple.👉🏽To keep those acne bumps away: i love using a probiotic cleanser (@nayelleskincare), eating my clean greens and nutrient-dense foods, and healthy fats (especially walnuts, avocados). Are you a pimple popper? Comment YES or NO below!  Stay tuned for more of my do’s and don’ts of skin care!
👩🏽‍⚕️Did you know?? 👉🏽The skin around your eyes is the thinnest and most sensitive? Eyelid dermatitis is common and can be due to allergens present in eye makeup, nail polish, shampoo/conditioner, among others. — Choosing unscented, sensitive skin care products is one way to treat your eyes gentler…as is choosing ORGANIC skincare! now, just because something has that USDA #organic seal, doesn’t mean you’re home free, and will never develop an #allergy. You can certainly develop a sensitivity to organic products, such as our favorite #essentialoils! — Nevertheless, the less #chemicals you put on the skin…the better! The #mascara I’m wearing is by @fitglowbeauty and I absolutely LOVE IT! Another favorite of mine is @tarte, however I like ones that rinse off easily with minimal soap and water. @100percentpure is another great one using fruit pigments! — Comment below with your #goto mascara? Which other brands do you think I should check out? Drop me a line below ...and LET’S GET GLOWING! Dr.V #fortwayne #nontoxic #fw
I’m Grateful to live in the USA 🇺🇸 and even more grateful to serve the #community I grew up in, here in #fortwayne #indiana! My family moved here in 1990s — I never thought I’d return, but here I am ✨it warms my heart to see former schoolmates, teachers, friends, and family while working ✨here im wearing my new sweatshirt by @best_of_fortwayne ! #fw #giveback #service
After a 10 day #digitaldetox -- I'm back!!! And Feeling ohhhhh sooo I N V I G O R A T E D &  R E - E N E R G I Z E D to continue spreading #plantbased #nutrition and #integrative #skincare with all of you! Ahhh how amazing it was to learn from the pioneers of Whole Foods Plant Based Nutrition such as @drjkahn @nutrition_facts_org and dr Michael Gregor, T.C. Colin campbell on the @hhas_vegan_cruise hhas_vegan_cruise , while connecting with like minded individuals and passionate group of compassionate consumers of plants! Add this to spending quality time among friends, family, and nature!! ✨Im here to help spread the message and #empower YOU to take charge of your #skin and health, by giving you tips and tools. Plus, I know I want to live in a gentler, more compassionate manner, and decrease my carbon footprint. Our planet is #beautiful, and I promise to do my part to conserve it! (Swipe right 👉🏽for snap shot of the trip!) ✨The things we eat literally becomes a part of each of our cells and has the #power to enhance or destroy our skin, our body, our mind and the world. 🥗🍊🌰💜🍅🧠🥦🍃🥒🍏🥑You have the power to shape our health!! Who's with me?!? Comment YESSSSSSSS if you agree! ✨💖✨😁
🚢HOLISTIC HOLIDAY CRUISE 🚢 now this is MY type of #cruise!💚@hhas_vegan_cruise💚 It’s all things green, #holistic, #vegan, alllll while traveling around beautiful #caribbean with like-minded pioneers in #holistichealth, like @barnardnealmd080 & @dr_esselstyn !!! Plus cme credit is included! Morning #yoga, #tai-chi, #smoothies, #meditation, #beach hopping,  #educational lectures, #amazing people, and an awesome #community! Ahhh!! For TEN DAYS??! Super excited and grateful for the next several days to come and for this opportunity ✨💖✨I’ll be a little MIA while traveling, but I’ll update all of you as I can ! ✨LETS GET GLOWING!✨ Dr.V #healthylifestyle
✨TRAVEL & GLOW!!✨ There are a few staple items I love to travel with to keep my #glow while #traveling✨ I mean traveling is so much #fun, but can also be #stressful — what’s a gal to do? 🤔 swipe right to check out a short video I’ve shared to keep your skin and health glowing! ✨LETS GET GLOWING! 🤓Dr.V
✨STAY GLOWING THIS VALENTINES DAY WITH THESE TIPS’✨ Choose #arginine rich foods to boost your body’s natural production of #nitricoxide #NO to boost your #circulation and blood flow!! ❤️HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!❤️Dr.V😍🤓#valentines #valentine #happyvalentinesday  #fortwayne #fw #myfortwayne #thefort #vday
✨MY TOP 10 SUPPLEMENTS FOR GLOWING SKIN✨ ahhh yes I absolutely love this #topic and discussing #nutraceuticals!! Im often by asked by my patients to make recommendations during their visit 👉🏽Now Im *NOT* recommending to start all these random supplements, as it’s important to make sure to match supplements SPECIFIC TO YOUR NEEDS! • if you have any questions, it’s best to start any medication, including herbals and supplements under proper #guidance and supervision! I *DO* think it’s incredibly important to include a balanced, #nutrientdense and #rainbow -inspired diet ✨I 💯 absolutely do think most of us would benefit from a nutrient dense multivitamin! Ortho multigreens is one of my fav! I also LOVE curcumin as its a #POWERFUL #antiinflammatory adjunct! The other crucial element when it comes to choosing supplements is to consider the #source, #production, and storage! Not all supplements are created equally, and many are actually filled with chemicals and fillers!!! ✨💖✨if you’re ready to step up your health, and want #expert guidance on your path to #glowingskin👉🏽come on in! @fwimed and I are here for you! ✨LETS GET GLOWING! ✨Dr.V🤓#fw #fortwayne #fort #myfortwayne
💕For the month of #lovers 💕To help you ladies feel as #beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside, I’ve partnered with @fwimed to offer an ✨incredibly #special #valentines package✨ and I should comment, it’s not just for ladies!!!! Guys need some loving too!!!!😍- an 8-week beautification INNER & OUTER GLOW package, including Your choice of ✨Two✨ aesthetic  treatments & a focused Integrative Medicine consult🍃 to help optimize your skin health and help you radiate and glow !!! ✨you get to choose between the following👉🏽glacier clay LED light facials, microneedling, wrinkle relaxer treatment, or a glutathione peel😍! And of course im including a special discounted price on my fav #probiotics #skincare @nayelleskincare !! ✨Beauty takes time, we’ve priced together this introductory package for you! We absolutely believe in showing you how to achieve lasting results ✨💖✨call to schedule your visit today, and ask about our special pricing! Plus, trust that you’ll be getting expert advice and therapies by a board certified dermatologist & board certified internal medicine and Integrative medicine physician! ✨LETS GET GLOWING! ✨Dr.V #vday #valentinesday #bemyvalentine #love #loveislove #fortwayne #thefort #fw #indiana #myfortwayne