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✨SKINCARE - #winter edition!!!✨with this dry cold winter, checkout ways #treat your skin - its great for #antiaging and #acne!!!! What is your goto moisturizer for dry skin?? Comment below 👇🏽✨Dr.V
✨ORGANIC MASCARA✨okay! If you haven’t tried @fitglowbeauty ‘s #mascara, you’re MISSING OUT! Not only is it awesome for lengthening your eyelashes, It’s #clean and #organic!! It uses #vegetable #collagen, #horsetail #protein and more !! Your 👀 will seriously POP! I’ve had several patients ask me what I use for my eyelashes - forget latisse ( a #prescription medication that lengthens your eyelashes, but carries side effects) and give this mascara a try 💛 your eyes will thank you! 👉🏽 what’s your favorite #goto mascara? Comment below! ✨Dr.V
✨DIET IN DERMATOLOGY✨ I always love when I see discussions of dietary effects on the skin!!! I’m a huge #believer !!! 👉🏽Swipe to see some #actionsteps written in a recent #article, by one of my dermatology colleagues, Dr.Rajani Katta 📜 👉🏽 remember, taking small steps over time is the #key to lasting #change ✨☺️ this goes perfectly with my earlier post ✨ comment below with which one resonated the most with you!! ✨Dr.V #antiaging #clearskin #acne #eczema #psoriasis #diet
✨Q&A!!✨SKINFOODS!! Had a few questions on foods to avoid and which ones to use more of. I truly think proper #diet and #nutrition is #critical for #glowing skin!!! Here’s why! Foods that we eat can increase or decrease inflammation. Highly processed foods, too much sugar, and dairy can wreak havoc with our gut, and result in increased inflammation. ✨Try to rethink the way you view food. I know that sometimes its the LAST thing you want to hear, but I sincerely feel I am doing a disservice if I fail to bring it up. 👉🏽 Shift to view food as a source of #energy and #nourishment, and as a way to get clearer and more beautiful skin. ✨Take a time to think about the common foods you eat. Do you eat the same combo? If you experience acne breakouts or itchy skin, try to thin about the foods you ate in the few days leading up to an acne flare, or if your eczema or psoriasis worsened. This includes alcohol and other liquids — maybe it was that #starbucks frap or extra margarita?
✨ In some people, #dairy can be a huge trigger. I always say give a suspected food at least a 3 week break. 
Here are some ways to incorporate more #green leafy veggies in your meal, and colorful foods! Eat the Rainbow of colors (just not skittles!). ✨ Try to limit processed foods, or swap out one of your comfort foods with a healthier alternative. When you go to the grocery store, try to shop in the periphery of the store (where the perishables are found). ✨How much water do you drink a day? Try to drink at least 8-10 cups of water. ✨Try to swap out your coffee for #greentea, or try that #nondairy milk/creamer… or maybe its time to rethink #matcha. ✨One of my absolute favorite ways to increase more greens is with my #smoothies! It’s a great way to try new greens — maybe its time to try some rainbow chard, beet greens, some parsley or celery! Do you make smoothies? What is your favorite blend? ✨Comment below with your favorite combo! I’d love to know! #HappySunday !!!
✨A Smile is the best makeup a girl can wear.✨ #smile #nomakeup
✨ WHY I LOVE ALOE✨ Happy Saturday friends! Can we please talk about how much I Love #ALOE!? I’m talking about the 100% #fresh aloe straight out of an aloe #plant 🌱 Not the #green looking, preservative filled fake aloe that says 100% #natural😅😋 👉🏽Here’s why I love aloe! ✨Aloe vera can be very effective in calming irritated skin.
✨The glycoprotein present in aloe vera helps reduce pain and inflammation , while the polysaccharides stimulate skin cell #repair . It also speeds up the #healing process and reduces the risk of infection✨ I love using it on small cuts and abrasions, or even patches of inflamed #eczema or psoriasis. It also works great on #acne bumps as well! Ready to start using aloe —> #read on! ✨How I Use Aloe Vera✨ 
1️⃣Slice away the thorny edges of a fresh aloe vera leaf, then cut it open.

2️⃣Extract the gel and apply on inflamed skin for 5-10 min or until dry. 
3️⃣Reapply the gel every few hours as needed. ✨ was this helpful? Have you used aloe on your skin? Comment below with your favorite way to use it!! ✨ Dr.V
✨Q&A!!!✨ Let’s talk skincare in the #dry , #cold , #winter season!!!!! This winter I’ve really had to change up my products!!! 👉🏽Both my morning and evening routines have changed:
✨1.I’ve decreased my #glycolic and salicylic acid #serum to 2 mornings per week. ✨2.I’ve added in an ultra hydrating moisturizer, which is thicker than any moisturizer I would use in the summer. ✨3.I’ve decreased the frequency of vitamin c serum to every other morning. I have a combo oily/dry acne- prone skin, so I only use a tinted SPF #moisturizer in the summer. ✨4.Lastly I STILL wear my #sunscreen !!!!! ✨PM: ✨1.In the evening, I have decreased the strength of my vitamin A (wrinkle-fighting, and pore shrinking cream), and if I’m dry and peely, I skip a night or two. ✨2.I’ve started an organic #growth factor serum, and ✨3.I have added in an awesome #hyaluronicacid super hydrating serum, ✨4.I’ll use another lighter moisturizer. ✨EXTRAS:
1.Moisturizing masks are awesome, like our pumpkin & cherry #mask! 👉🏽 BOTTOM LINE👉🏽 as the seasons change, so should your skincare!! If you’re dry and peely, and not sure what to do or where to start, COME IN!! ✨We have tons of tips and tricks to get your skin glowing! PS — you’d LOVE our Ultrahydrating DERMALINFUSION dermabrasion to exfoliate that dead skin, while infuse some hydrating serum to PLUMP up  your skin!  What do you do to combat the dry winter skin? Comment below! 👇🏽
✨WHO’S READY FOR SOME Q&A TIME!!?✨ I know I am!! Yay!!! What burning 🔥 questions do you guys have for me?!? 👉🏽 are you curious to know more #skin #tips ? Skin procedures? ✨ our new LASER or COSMETIC treatments? Skin cancer screening? ✨Topical treatments we have? ✨ #Stress tips? ✨Or a little bit more about me? ✨My #routine ? ✨My #work ethic? ✨Mindset training? 💪🏽🧠 or maybe my favorite moisturizers, acne spot treatment, #eczema flare treatment ?? Supplements? Fav #organic products?? #Hair treatments? #DIY remedies? skin foods?? Or maybe some of my favorite holistic treatments for your skin??? Or maybe If psoriasis is affected by your gut health or foods you eat! ✨ASK BELOW!! I’ll be sharing posts soon to respond! ✨#letsgetglowing !!✨Dr.V
✨Little laser action! ✨ I’m so grateful to have awesome #technology at my fingertips! It really adds considerable #value to what I’m able to offer to my patients!!! ✨Here I’m on STEP 3 of our AWESOME #foreverclear #bbl #acne laser treatment!!!! This is the same filter that we use during our #skintyte procedure for improving skin laxity, although the parameters and #goals of use are different. 👉🏽🙋🏽‍♀️Curious to know more!? Come on in!!P.S ✨Stay tuned for a longer video of it.
💛MY 2019 PRINCIPLES: As a #highperformer, I’m always seeking ways to improve. 2018 taught me so many key #principles ✨It was a time for internal growth and shifts, to build a #foundation  to start from. ✨To face my #fears and just dive in headfirst. To take Massive #Action👉🏽This 2019, my focus is on cultivating better #leadership & on #strategic planning. 👉🏽Here’s what I challenge myself for 2019. •Openness / Receptivity — Being open to change is KEY. I recognize that •Teamwork — Learning to delegate tasks, and empower my team. •Accountability — at the end of the day, anything that goes wrong is a result of a systems breakdown, of which I’m responsible for. Playing the blame game provides no benefit. •Lead by Example — I’m a huge believer that a team mirrors its leader. You can’t say one thing, and do another. •Responsibility aka Extreme Ownership — I OWN my failures. I own my mistakes, and I’m always ready to accept it. It’s always challenging, but having your #ego in check is crucial. I’m not perfect, but I strive to be better. 👉🏽 ✨HERE’S to making 2019 a year of #stronger LEADERSHIP!!🙌🏽✨
✨”Logic will get you from A to Z, imagination will get you anywhere.” - Albert Einstein 👉🏽”As the saying goes, "S/he who stands for nothing falls for everything."✨ #HAPPYSATURDAY ✨ LOVE this thoughtful #gift from one of my #amazing Medical Assistants (MA) @jennacleazier ☺️💛 I’m a strong #believer you have to #work for your #dreams ✨ #Imagine, #Dream, #Envision, #Plan, & #EXECUTE 🙌🏽💪🏽 I’m grateful for being able to work with my #family and a talented team of caring individuals, and to use creativity daily!✨ “Who else is excited for #Saturday!! Enjoy the day in whatever resonates with your soul! Whether it’s slow, methodical, active, Enjoy it!!! ✨Dr.V ✨ #lovewhatyoudo ✨ She believed and so she DID👊🏽
✨DARK CHOCOLATE &  WINTER SKIN TIPS BY DR.V✨ Don’t let the cold dry out your skin!!! If you have dry skin this winter, make sure to check out this month’s @glofortwayne #magazine to check out some of my fav #skintips for the #winter !!! And ofcourse, if you’re super dry, come get a #dermalinfusion ultrahydrating treatment!! #HAPPYFRIDAY #share #write