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✨as it’s my #birthday month— I wanted to #gift YOU with some #special deals!!! 👉🏽Get your #brown spots and redness treated with a BBL package of 3 - $950
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👉🏽treat those #acne #scars or deep #wrinkles & textural changes with Profractional package of 3 - $1800 (normal $2400)
Get the latest #laser #fractional treatment with @newbeauty’s top rated procedure, Halo!! package of 3 - $3200 (normal 3900-4500)!! This will be the best deals of the year. It’s only valid in the #month of #November!!! #happybirthday (numbers quoted are for treatment of the face, other areas or combination treatments will require separate quote 💛) 👉🏽think of it like an early #blackfriday deal!!!! Plus 10% will be donated to a fund for @pencilsofpromise to build a school !!! So excited!! The season of GIVING has begun!!!!!
✨DAY 1 post microneedling !!! swipe through to see some of my #favorite #skincare #recommendations!! I’ve been holding my retinol, AHA, and Vitamin c serum, and will resume it once my skin fully heals in a few days. I also have a little under eye swelling which will settle down soon. Honestly, other than my skin being a little dry l, red, and a bit swollen, I was able to go to work just fine (& not scare my patients!! 😋) Ready to schedule yours?? Give us a call ✨let’s get glowing!!! Dr.V 💛 @coola @fitglowbeauty @neocutis ✨#organicskincare #organicbeauty
✨Microneedling + PRP!!! It’s one of my all-around #favorite #skincare procedures for #glowingskin !! Why??? It’s also known as #collagen induction therapy, which means it stimulates the production of your own collagen to help fight and prevent #fine lines, #wrinkles , as well as brown spots and scars!!! It’s one of the best preventative treatments as well! Keeps your skin young and vibrant while maintaining and promoting a #youthful #glow ! It looks more painful than it really is. I barely flinched as it didn’t hurt — I also allowed my topical numbing to sit for 60-90 min which REALLY helped! 🧡 curious to try it? Leave a comment below! And if you’re Ready to schedule yours...Give us a call! The next few weeks are the best time to get #glowing skin for the #holidays ✨ #happysunday
✨its been over 2 years since I finished my Dermatology residency🙏🏽I remember when I found out I passed my boards🤓I was so grateful to move on to the next phase of my life! And then few weeks later when I received my actual #diploma!! Dermatology residency is one of the most competitive to get into. I had some the most amazing, supportive and funniest coresidents ever! Grateful for them!!! Fast forward to now, and I have my own #practice — something I’ve dreamt about for years!! #dreamsdocometrue!! But it requires #hardwork and #persistence. I’ll be sharing some exciting news soon, and until then — #happysaturday!!! For all of you working on dreams behind the scenes 👊🏽keep it up!!!! You’re closer than you think you are!!! ✨
✨SERVICE & COMMUNITY. Grateful to be able to support the carriage house and giveback to our community. Although we get dressed up for fancy things every now and then, the real work happens EACH AND EVERYDAY. The real beauty and reward comes with how we choose to SHOW UP in the world.... and with how we #treat and #respect ourselves and others. I choose to stand tall and give my best each and every day! Who’s with me!? ✨🙏🏽✨ #service #community #growth #standtall
✨ Excited and grateful to be a sponsor for this year’s Fort Wayne Dancing with the Stars!! One of my high school friends (@stephaniemstein) is dancing in it, and I can’t wait to #support her tomorrow!! Donations benefit the Carriage House in #FortWayne, as they lead the fight for those with mental illness. #service #giveback #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #dancing
✨I MISS THIS PRETTY LADY!! @tamaraashlemon 💜 I think it’s so important to surround yourself with #bold #bossladies like this hot mama!!! Having a #tribe, especially one that gets the #hustle but also the importance of downtime, #laughter and #relaxation is so important! Follow her if you’re in the mood for, or in NEED OF some #boldness ✨💛✨ she lives her #truth and isn’t afraid speak up!!! SHE’ll surely wow you with her love for life, serving up a HEFTY dose of PASSION, pure HONESTY, and AUTHENTICITY!!! She’ll also teach you the importance of relying on your INTUITION, and how to cultivate that INNER STRENGTH AND DETERMINATION!!!💕Love you @tamaraaeschliman 💛💛💛 ! Swipe to see an important way to get some work in, while preventing those spider veins!! 😋#happysunday friends!!! ✨#gogetter #bosslady #growth #transformation
✨What should you expect with your visit? 👉🏽PERSONALIZED SKINCARE! In today’s day and age, it’s unfortunate yet absolutely necessary to say!! There is no “one box fits all” #solution to skincare. Yes we have general #guidelines...... but we pride ourselves on taking the time to #listen and provide #specific #individualized treatment plans! What works for you, may not work for your sister, mom, friend or coworker! Everyone’s skin is #unique and deserves special #attention and #care!! Who here agrees with me?!? Comment below!! I’d love to hear your thoughts✨ have a beautiful #Saturday!! 💛
Who else is singing #HALLELUJAH that today is #friday!!! I know I AM!!🙌🏽🙋🏽‍♀️This has been a #nonstop killer week inall the most awesome, painful,gloriously and gratefully challenging ways!!! And today feels like a massive breath of FRESH AIR. 
I’m grateful for developing #grit, resilience, & #persistence. Nothing happens without #hardwork and embracing the fact that intensity is the price of #excellence. 
The same is said for your skin. If you want glowing beautiful skin, you gotta put in the work. You must put the effort it. It takes time, and most surely does not happen overnight. From wiping off your makeup to applying the right topicals, choosing the right foods, avoiding the right toxins, and taking care of your mind, body and spirit. It all goes hand in hand. 👏🏽I’ve been working on some exciting new things, and will update all of you soon!!!! Love the journey you’re on, or choose a new one. The choice is yours 💛 And when you’re ready to let me help you achieve YOUR #SKINGOALS, come see me!! #happyfriday
✨HAPPY NOVEMBER!!! #Fall is the #perfect time to #create new #skin #goals! I’d love to share in your #journey to loving your skin, and help you create your skingoals #together!! We do have a few promos offering discounts on select #laser packages and of course some of our #awesome skincare products and supplements!! It’s time to stock up on your #retinol and #vitaminc serum! And maybe try some #collagen !!! ✨ schedule your visit soon, we look forward to seeing you✨
✨FILLED WITH GRATITUDE FOR ALL MY PATIENTS...THANK YOU!!! Each day is #special in its own way, thanks to each of you!! We wouldn’t be here without your #support, so #thankyou for trusting us with your #care✨
✨make time each day to #LIVE, #LAUGH, #LOVE!! Often, so many of us take life WAY TOO SERIOUSLY!!! You only have one life to live, so make sure you’re living it the way #YOU want.. on YOUR terms!! Create all the #memories you can, WHILE you can. #happytuesday !!! There’s so much awesomeness in the world to experience. Make it a PHENOMENAL one ✨