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I be on a different type of time. ⌛️

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“You can’t be around everybody who got the same dream as you” #ChristianDrye
ART IS MY LIFE! Rockin that @levitatedconscious jacket, thank you to the brand. 📸 @loganp0well and edited by @seedrye. ART TRAPPIN FOR REAL, IM DROPPIN ALL YEAR! Www.SeeDrye.Com
I’m dropping all year 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾 follow my art page @seedrye and keep up with my site link is in the bio.
New video promo  dropping soon, soon .....
I’m just having fun with it 📸 @fr.tien
Basically, ART is my life. 📸 @fr.tien
Rockin heavy to that P2 still! Shout out @daveeast I do not own the rights to this music! 📸 @juli21an #ChristianDrye #ArtTrappinForReal im dropping all year! @seedrye
Remember that logo! It’s about  to be everywhere. #ChristianDrye #ArtTrappinForReal 
I’m taking off, share this for me. 📸 @loganp0well 🖥 @seedrye / @dryehumor
📻 @jdthechamp 
Taken by @beyondimagesphotography back in 2015!!!! First art show photo shoot.
King Drye! Art show, spraying live! Classic picture taken by one of my favorite artist @jessijumanji - she does it all. #ChristianDrye #ArtTrappinForReal #CDrye4TheChildren