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I suppose I'll get back in the studio soon. Waiting to be inspired. 📸 @dtaythevillain  w/ the Draco!
My moment is coming. I'm trying To stay patient and ready for it. The world of menswear will feel my creativity. #ChristianDrye #DryeWithTheTie 📸 @dondurant
How she act when you ain't up will tell a lot about a chick. #ChristianDrye #ArtTrappinForReal
Decided I'm going to model now. 📸 @fto_mahdrock | @imblackowned for the win.
Friday. @imblackowned
Can't diss every nigga dissin, just gotta ignore it. 💪🏾 #ChristianDrye #DryeWithTheTie
What they're viewing as bragging is the way that I maintain. #ChristianDrye #ArtTrappinForReal #EverythingsForSaleCallMyPhone
Me and broski is twins but we don't look alike.
"Peep shhh where I stand - ain't about me, ain't concerned"  @kur7947
The switch up be real. You know how I'm coming though. #ChristianDrye #DryeWithTheTie
Behind the scenes throwback with 📸 @beyondimagesphotography. (Ps I miss that car)