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Our annual Mole Hunt. Amazing teamwork! Proud of my students. 😁 #duellchem
Zinc reacts with hydrochloric acid to produce a gas; copper does not. One of these pennies has a copper core and one has a zinc core. Can you tell which is which? #duellchem
Sodium metal reacts violently with water. #duellchem 📸: Austyn D
🔥 #duellchem
The annual marshmallow challenge! Back to it. 😊 #duellchem
“Hey Charlie, guess what?”
“I’ve gotta go back to work now.”
Miss them already!
HCl and NaOH drops on either end of a tube filled with universal indicator. So. Cool. #duellchem
Collision Theory at its finest! #duellchem
The buzz of the lab 👨🏼‍🔬 #duellchem
I love my colleagues 😀
Concept-mapping our solutions unit 😀