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Dulcitar extraordinaire and audio/visual artist
A/V supervisor for Richmond Ballet


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Here's hoping I remember how to say words.
Tomorrow I'll be taking part in TEDxYouth@RVA where I'll be performing and talking about music and building dulcitars. My sound installation "It's Birds" will also be seeing it's second exhibition! Starts at 5pm at the Collegiate School in the Oates theatre.
Took less than five minutes to get through the polls this morning. But I'll spend the whole day being anxious as hell about how it will turn out. If you're in VA and able to vote, please show up for Kaine. If for nothing else, to not give the racist neo-confederate "trump before trump" corey stewart even a slim chance of taking office. Similarly if you're in the 7th district show up for Spanberger and push worthless dave brat out. Vote for damage control, vote to do the least harm, vote for the benefit of those who may not be as privileged as you. Do it up y'all, and when today is over, do more than vote.
Best Day RVA. Alfred
Best Day RVA. Bad Magic.
Best Day RVA. Doubtfire.
Best Day RVA. Elizabeth Owens and the Live Bats.
Getting that Gorilla Toss dance party on
The Breeders played a damn fine set tonight.
Heading to D.C. to perform at Local F. S. 202 tonight with a bunch of great artists. stoked.
Took a much needed break from working nonstop this past week and spent a couple days catching up with one of my best friends and collaborators @tidytype down in Charlotte, NC. Blessed to have stayed in such a magical home and muse on music and life and technology with one of my favorite humans.