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حسبي اللة ونعم الوكيل نعم المولى ونعم النصير

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Here we are dengan muka mak mak stress fizik tapi masih lagi boleh buat perangai.
Most descent photo of us k. 👅😂
My unbiological sister ❤
They all made my day 💕 
#akilah #afiqah #Imhastagingpeopleygxditag
My life would incomplete without that middle girl 🙈
#mukabahagia  #tolongkembalikpdduniarealiti
I'm gonna to show up my new note book even though I have another note book yang bersih suci murni cause I'm addicted to it.
Thanks for having us, bondaa💕🙆
The most expensive experience 🎉
Kenapa manusia zaman Rasulullah berbeza dengan zaman milenia ini?
Kerana manusia zaman Rasulullah hebat seperti Saidina Abu Bakar, Saidina Uthman, Saidina Ali... Manakala manusia zaman Milenia ini seteruk kita.
Why? Because most of us scare to compete and have much doubt on trusting ourself. Too care with unimportant things untill we overlooked with the things surround us. Mungkin dugaan kita lebih besar, fitnah makin banyak berlegar di luar sana but remember semakin besar cabaran if we manage to through it, Jannah is waiting for us. 
Song cr: @the4aith
Senior ft junior ✌
Not descent photo of us cause I'm trying to snap it as candid 👅
My another siblings 💕