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Sorry for not updating so much today. I have been arguing with the health clinic to get some antibiotics because of how sick iam. But hopefully I will be back soon. Muwah
My bouquet from my niece ❤ it smells so good in the living room!
One thing I love about summer is the flowers 💐
Homemade Thai food ❤🍲
Always be yourself and always smile even though life seems dark. Be yourself and never change. Muwah!

Wake up by the light from the sun coming through your window. // actually I'm off to bed again. 6am. So tired. My son decided to wake up at 3.25am. ~ excuse the lack of romantic and personality on the window sill.. I'm working on it. Lol.
Shoes like this makes my heart skip a beat 🖤 I may be a girly girl but when it comes to shoes and style etc.. I'm all for alternative style ~ black and crazy hair colors 🖤 but I love fluffy and girly things 😍 sweet combo.
My big boy is brushing his two teeths ❤ with my help at first and after he brush them by himself ❤ I can't believe he is soon 7 months old 😭 stop growing!!
Homemade to Emilio ♡
Any ideas of what food I can make to a seven months old baby and have in plastic bags like this? 😄
"Beauty is power; a smile is it's sword" ~ John Ray
Cute picture but not for that price. 2K SEK.  no thank you. Followed my sister to a store that opened last Friday and I wanted paintings to hang on the wall in the living room but paying two thousands Swedish crows for one.. no thank you.