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What the heck is going on in Richmond, Indiana?!?! #SnowBurst #earlhamcollege #FreakyWeather
Gail, Dakota and Ellen from Alumni and Development are learning about some exciting new tools to make Earlham Day 2018 the best ever! Only 56 days to go...are you ready? #GCPC2018 #EarlhamCollege #EarlhamDay2018 #EarlhamDay #earlhameverywhere
Zach Lee `14 (geology major) and Tara Burns `15 (biology major) officially met in the summer of 2012 while on a May term in Costa Rica when Zach was a junior and Tara was a sophomore. Unofficially, their first encounter was when they had a chemistry lab together, when Tara was a first year and Zach was in his second year. Their days at Earlham together were filled with field hockey and baseball games, quick waves across the Heart, rides in "the jeepers," going on runs (Zach was always faster), getting to know each other's families, weekends in the country, and a lot of fun memories. In 2017 they became engaged — Zach kept up the tradition of foreign countries being part of their relationship and proposed in front of Mayan ruins in Mexico. They are going to be married some time after April 2020 when Tara finishes nursing school. #earlhamitevalentines #earlhamcollege
Tom Hamilton `57 was on the New Student Week staff in 1955. One of the most sought after jobs, for the guys, was to greet new freshmen students in front of Earlham Hall, welcoming them and their parents to and, then, carrying a young woman's luggage to her new lodgings. Something clicked when Tom met and helped Annette Miller `59 from Dayton take her belongings to her room. They soon began to date and never looked back.
In the Spring semester that followed, we were going "steady," and were separated for the first time when Tom was selected for the Washington Semester program at American University in D.C. They survived that separation and became engaged the following Fall semester.

Tom graduated in 1957 and was hired as a management trainee by a Ft. Wayne department store, so they were separated again for several months. In February 1958 Uncle Sam sent Tom to Texas for six months and on to Korea for 13 months, for yet another longer separation.

Tom returned in the Fall of 1959, following Annette's graduation, and they were married that September after a three year engagement. They eventually moved to Wisconsin in 1966 as Tom was following his career in retailing.Three sons later, they were separated again when Annette went to the University of Oklahoma for two years to get her Masters in Music Education in the mid-80s. They quickly learned how to manage a long distance marriage.

Their three sons, now in their fifties, have blessed them with three wonderful daughters-in-law and ten grandchildren. They have lived in Green Bay for 27 years, and they have had season tickets to the Packers games since 1967.

They are married 58 years, and it all began on the steps of Earlham Hall. They have many fond memories of Earlham. They would love to hear from EC friends, classmates and other alums. Happy Valentines Day to all. #earlhamitevalentines #earlhamcollege
Anna McCormally `12 and Aaron Goldbeck `10 met on the steps of Lilly Library when Anna interviewed Aaron for an Earlham Word story about plans for a student-run coffee shop. When they had David Ebenbach's creative writing class together, Anna wrote a lot of really subtle poems about having a crush on Aaron and Aaron walked Anna home from class every day — but they never dated. 
After Aaron graduated in 2010, they stayed in touch as pen pals and close friends who helped each other curate their respective online dating profiles. In winter 2012, Anna (who was living in New York) and Aaron (who was living in Chicago) happened to be in Washington, D.C. at the same time, and decided to meet up for a drink. They spent a long time talking, and had so much to say to each other that two months later Anna flew to Chicago, they packed all of Aaron's bikes into a U-Haul, and talked the whole 15-hour drive to D.C. — stopping in Richmond to get a cup of coffee at Rose City, the coffee shop Anna interviewed Aaron about in 2009. 
They got engaged on February 14, 2017, (Aaron gave Anna a ring that belonged to his great-grandmother) and were married in the care of Herndon Friends Meeting that November 18. It's good to spend your life with someone who knew you when you were writing dumb love poems in college. #earlhamitevalentines #earlhamcollege
Alex and Christine Haider-Winnett `07 transferred to Earlham together from a community college in California. They both majored in Peace and Global Studies, studied abroad together in Spain and Northern Ireland and spent a lot of quality time at Clear Creek Co-Op. When they came to Earlham they had been dating about a year, but it was there that they learned what it meant to build a relationship and home together based on Earlham’s values of consensus, simplicity, justice and peace. They married in 2011 and now live in the Bay Area where Alex is completing his Masters in Divinity (preparing for UU ministry) and Christine is preparing for her ordination to the priesthood through Roman Catholic Woman Priests (this April!). This year, they’re spending Valentine’s Day celebrating the first birthday of the family’s newest Earlhamite, Elliott, born Feb 14, 2017. #earlhamitevalentines #earlhamcollege
The love story of Ramsey `68 and Gail `69 Coates began in the spring of 1967 when they both participated in the Earlham Foreign Study program in London. While they were there, they fell in love with England and with each other and both of those loves endure to this day. 
They were married on August 31, 1968, so this year will mark their 50th wedding anniversary. The years in between have been filled with their wonderful children and grandchildren, enduring friendships, careers, retirements, adventures of all kinds. They have traveled back to England on many occasions and usually include the Lake District as part of their itinerary, a place which they feel is one of the most beautiful spots on earth. They have Earlham (and England) to thank for their life together. #earlhamitevalentines #earlhamcollege
As an entering Freshman in 1972, Ellen Smith `76 went on Mountain Pre-term. Best thing ever. Beautiful mountains, good people. Big fun adventure with hiking, climbing, fishing, rappeling, singing and making new friends. On a pass one day she helped a guy bandage up a finger. Tim Knisley `74 was kind of cute, but not in her group. They ended up doing a peak climb together with Al Kesselheim `75 and Alice Thigpen `75. They had a great climb with lots of laughter.

The night before final expedition, they ate a lot of food because they knew that it would be taken away. It poured all night and Ellen's sleeping bag got wet. Milosh Mamula `62, faculty leader, told her to zip her bags together with someone else so that she wouldn’t get hyperthermia. That was when Ellen found out that she and Tim were going to be tarp mates for the hike out. Zipped in the same bag. With a guy she barely knew, smelling like wet wool, camp smoke, body odor, etc. She hadn’t shaved her legs in a month. And she hadn’t ever slept with a guy... One night to impress her crew she made lichen soup (they taught us to do stuff like this). None of the guys would touch it. (Ellen was the only female with three guys) She threw up all night, so Tim had seen her at her finest!

They get back to Earlham and Tim falls in love with her roommate. Match made in heaven, huh? Still, they became close friends and ten years later married in California. They will have been married 35 years this year and still love each other! #earlhamitevalentines #earlhamcollege
Pete Hammar `71 says he noticed Lucia Billman `72 right away, thinking it was cool that a girl wanted to work at the radio station, for at that time WECI had just one female DJ. Lucia remembers only a frighteningly large row of upperclass men staring at her as she walked through the WECI station door her very first day on campus in Fall 1968. The station manager, Howell Gatchell `69, greeted interested freshmen like Lucia who braved the basement maze under the oldest all-men's dorm, Bundy Hall, to find the radio station. 
Gradually Lucia got to know all the WECI staff, Pete Hammar among them. A number of terms passed before he and Lucia spent time together outside their WECI shift hours. If Lucia had taken Pete up on his offer to kill a bee that had become trapped in the control room one spring evening, they might have got going sooner. Lucia, always more honest than romantic, assured him she wasn't afraid of bees. Only after Pete left did she realize she could have enjoyed his undivided attention if she'd had the sense to declare a terror of bugs.

As soon as Lucia graduated from Earlham in Spring 1972, they got married in the woods of northern Michigan. Besides their immediate families, two of Pete's Earlham friends and four of Lucia's attended the low-keyed event. Pete's brother, a newly-minted minister, signed the wedding license, as that rural area had no silent Friend's Meeting to oversee their marriage. They've been together quite a while, now — forty-five years and counting!

Photo is of "Cupid" Howell Gatchell, Lucia and Pete in California in 2005. #earlhamitevalentines #earlhamcollege
Betty Lou Hiatt graduated in 1941 and Jack Floyd Breithaupt in 1942, and they met at Earlham their freshman year. Betty grew up in Dublin and Jack grew up in Richmond. Neither of them cared much for rules or restrictions. Betty went to nursing school after Earlham and you couldn't be married during nursing school, but they got married anyway through a "secret wedding." During World War II, they both worked in a factory; Jack wasn't eligible to serve because one leg was shorter than the other due to an illness he had as a young child. They spent a long life together and now their great granddaughter attends Earlham. #earlhamitevalentines #earlhamcollege
Stephen Marks `74 met Pat Harlan `74 during their freshman year at Earlham, and they fell in love their sophomore year. The two were married on July 6, 1974 in Champaign, Illinois — the same day "A Prairie Home Companion" debuted on Minnesota Public Radio. Happy Valentine's Day from Minneapolis! #earlhamitevalentines #earlhamcollege
The story of Robert "Bob" Dale Lawrence `65 and Nina Joy Dodd Lawrence `66

Bob: Once upon a time (1962) in a city far from home (Chicago), a rather skinny young man in glasses descended from the Northern Pacific train after a long journey from Pullman, Washington. He was not a prince or even an aristocrat. He carried his own suitcase. I should know, for I was that young man.  So much for the fairy tale beginning.

Nina: Four days before this, a gregarious 18 year-old girl was climbing on the Great Northern train in Everett, Washington, saying goodbye to her large family.  Her father’s parting advice was, “Nina, college boys are different. Don’t tackle the first one you see by the knees.” Eventually after days of eating her stash of trail mix and fruit, and nights of sleeping sitting up, she arrived in the same city as the young man. She was not a princess or even an aristocrat, so you know this isn’t a regency romance, or a fairy tale. I should know, for I was that young woman. 
Bob: I was on my way to my sophomore year as a student at Earlham College, and I was arriving to work in the dining room helping feed the new students while they went through orientation. The train for Richmond did not leave Chicago until several hours after midnight.

Nina: I was on my way to my freshman year as a student at Earlham College, arriving for new student orientation. Karen, another girl from my high school, was traveling to Earlham with me. 
Bob: Now I had a clear memory of the year before when I traveled all the way to Richmond alone, a bit scared, and worried about what Earlham would be like. Chicago is a travel hub so I hoped some of those freshman might be on the train and I had a way to find them. Earlham had a program then, requiring all students to read one particular book each term. That fall term it was Jacques Barzun’s "The House of Intellect," a large paperback book with a lurid purple cover and content by a man who clearly thought he was better than everyone else. So after I had my luggage stored overhead, I started along the train aisle waving the book about. (Visit the Alumni Facebook page for the rest of the story) #earlhamitevalentines #earlhamcollege