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Happy Thanksgiving from GΓΆreme, Turkey πŸ¦ƒ
cc: @dantom
Lake Louise in Banff, Canada ❄️
cc: @nwnatives
Maldives ✨
cc: @jamesrelfdyer
Trump has halted his decision to allow elephant trophy imports. Watch our story for more 🐘
cc: @gypsea_lust
Summer nights in New York City
cc: @alec_basanec
Ice caves in the Coast Mountains of Canada
cc: @itsbigben
Banff, Canada 🌏
cc: @stevint
Phi Phi Islands, Thailand 🌏
cc: @alexanderneimert
Eibsee, Germany 🌲
cc: @pie_aerts (via @forest)
La Jolla, California
cc: @erubes1
Lost in a dream world.
cc: @robstrok
Northern Lights - Norway
cc: @jude_allen