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this bee was clinging onto my fence for the past few days, even during heavy rain! he didn't move a muscle, even when i checked on him a few times. he seemed dormant, but not dead. this morning, he was still clinging to the same spot, but in the sunshine. i went over to check on him, and this time he wiggled a bit as soon as i came close. i put my finger up to him and, to my pleasant surprise, one little leg slooooowly stretched out to cling to my fingerprint. he wiggled some more, then another leg gained motion and reached over to my fingerprint, his little foot hooking in. once he got four legs attached to my finger, he let the other two go from the fence, and let his body drop! he now clung to me instead. after a few minutes on my finger, his body started to pulse, and he started trying to buzz his wings (unsuccessfully). over a few more minutes he was buzzing and bumbling and walking back and forth along my finger! 😄 he was happy. i could tell by how his little bee body was moving around. i stayed outside with him, enjoying the sunshine, until his wings could finally fly him away. his little bee feet let go of me, he bumbled gently around my head and face for a while, and then, buzzed away happily into the breeze!
vice: entire batch of freshly-baked pecan brownies
a summer buzz in the air
2/21/2018: Spring is here early in Georgia! Beautiful warm weather! 🌸