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Products for every stage of training to increase power, strength&recovery so you're ready to take on the next challenge. #Myoplex #ExceptionalResults


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Get ready for an unreal pump with this #WorkoutOfTheWeek!💪💫 #TrainWithMyoplex #ExceptionalResults
-Wide Grip Pause Bench, increasing reps from 3, 5, 7, 9, pausing for 2-one-thousand on your chest to get the full benefit.
-Super Incline Dumbbell Bench Press, 3 sets of 15, with the bench at approximately 60˚.
-Lying Dual Dumbbell Tricep Extension, 4 sets of 20.
-Banded Tricep Extension, 5 sets of 40. *NOTE: raise or lower your grip on the band as needed to get the best pump.
Lean, green, protein machine📈🍀Happy #StPatricksDay from #TeamMyoplex! #ExceptionalResults
One. More. Rep. #ExceptionalResults
With 75% fat, 20% protein, and 5% carbs, the all-new Myo Keto Ready-To-Drink Shake gives #KetoKing @jason.wittrock fuel to burn🔥Shop @vitaminshoppe through link in bio! #MyoplexKetogenic #ExceptionalResults
You'll need the luck o' the Irish to get through this #WorkoutOfTheWeek!🍀🍀✨#TrainWithMyoplex #ExceptionalResults
-Straight Bar Bench, 3 sets of 2, with hands on the smooth part of the bar. *NOTE: make sure you’re locking each set out. Use a spotter and be safe!
-Dumbbell Incline Bench Press, 4 sets of 12
-Single Arm Overhead Dumbbell Extension, 5 sets of 15 on each arm, maintaining form to avoid falling into a shoulder press.
Train to Win💥🔨⚙️ #ExceptionalResults
Open Week 3 is upon us, and having a plan for recovery is crucial! #MyoplexRecover with HMB gives you the edge on the competition 🏋️💪⚡️ Shop through link in bio. #crossfitopen2018 #InTheOpen #ExceptionalResults
🆕 and now available online at @vitaminshoppe: Keto Ready-to-Drink in Pina Colada and German Chocolate!🍰🍰 Shop the link in bio and watch for it in stores soon! #MyoplexKetogenic #ExceptionalResults
Thanks to everyone who came out to the #ArnoldClassic and helped make Myoplex Beach a success. Cheers from #TeamMyoplex. 💪🏻 #Arnold #ArnoldClassic2018 #ExceptionalResults
Throw on that headband and get to the #WorkoutOfTheWeek!🙏💫 #ExceptionalResults #TrainWithMyoplex
-Dumbbell Bench Press, 4 rep max, making the full extension.
-Dumbbell Bench Press, 3 sets of 7, on an inclined bench and counting to 2-one-thousand.
-Neutral Grip Lat Pulldown, 5 sets of 15
-Dumbbell Kickbacks, 25 reps
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Introducing the FIRST EXPLOSIVE PRE-WORKOUT GUMMY. Bennie Wylie, Director of Sports Performance for Football at University of Oklahoma and #TeamMyoplex athlete, talks about why he's so excited for the launch. @bwyliestrong #ExceptionalResults