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<SAVE GUYS> - OKEH yang nanya ini dan yang nanya Gyukatsu enak di Jakarta buanyaaaaaak bangeeet so I suggest you save this post! So far favorit aku kalo makan Gyukatsu di Jakarta itu di KINTARO SUSHI (dan mereka baru buka outlet baru di Senopati dan CAKEP BANGET TEMPATNYA OMOOOO)! Gyukatsu mereka dagingnya empuk dan aku suka nasinya yang dipair sama seadoned Foie Gras, DAYUUUM!!! Selain Gyukatsu, sushi mereka juga enak-enak dan berhubung besok Selasa, biasanya setau aku banyak restoran Jepang yang nyetok sashimi di hari ini dan pasti super fresh! ENJOYYYYY 😘😘😘
ART INSTALLATION FOR THE GRAM and look how small we are small in this big big town! Me with bae @pattdevdex at the Lazada Wow Fest! The event is filled with various art installations (hop off to my story to see), the event is running until tomorrow so come come to Senayan City to check out what they have in store! @lazada_id #LazadaWowFest2018 #Lazada1212
<SAVE SAVE SAVE> - In the mission to search for the best KAKIGORI in Jakarta and SANTHAI (@santhai.id) definitely makes the cut! Kakigori mereka super tempting, presentasinya on point, beberapa yang aku suka banget itu THAI TEA KAKIGORI, KING DURIAN KAKIGORI AND MANGO KAKIGORI! Really the merrier the better!!! SELAMAT WEEKEND SEMUANYA πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—
CHEESY CHICKEN HOLY MOLY!!! Crunchy chicken dressed in generous cheese powder, what’s not to love 😍😍😍
Anyway, currently in the process of tasting A LOT OF delicious finger food for the upcoming Radler Finger Food Festival this December 15 &16th 2018 at Premium Parking, Gandaria City! Save the date and together we'll explore what they have in store! JANGAN LUPA DATENG YA GUYS SESERUAN BARENGGGG SEE YOUUU πŸ˜™
<TERWAJIB SAVE> - OKAYYY kita mulai rekomendasi Christmas cakes and hampers yang eatandtreats approved! Tapi sebelumnya jujur aku gak akan share banyak, udah aku filter banget yang aku promote, DAAAAN yang pertama adalah salah satu online cake shops favorit aku yang chiffon cakenya JUARA BANGET: SUCRE PATTISIER (@sucrepatissier)! You’re looking at their COOKIES AND CREAM CHIFFON and as always... SO GOOD! Their chiffon cake is perfectly airy & fluffy, properly sweet! Variannya banyak tapi ini yang Christmas limited edition with Cookies and Cream Butter and Dark Chocolate Ganache! Believe me on this one you’re not gonna regret!!! 🍰🍰🍰
<SAVE> - SUSHI HOUSE 🍣🍣, kemarin nyobain menu-menu baru Sushi Hiro, dan emang dasar mereka kreatif banget, makanannya enak-enak! Anyway you’re looking at their SUSHI HOUSE (dari segi variasi masih sushi mereka yang sama cuma beda presentasi), beberapa favorit aku RAMEN CRACKLING SALTED EGG & PIZZA WAGYU! Aku jujur suka salut sama team R&D Sushi Hiro kalau nyari ide makanan sama eksekusinya sejalan, gak cuma pengen viral aja tapi emang dari segi rasa lumayan enak πŸ‘ŒπŸ»βœ¨
SUSHI O’CLOCK! Salah satu affordable sushi favorit: GENKI SUSHI, and as you swipe ada Mozaru Rice dari Zenbu, Eight Treasures, Lontong Sayur Sari Ratu, Pho Nam Nam, Salted Egg Chicken Eat Lah, and Blizzard Ice Cream Dairy Queen! You can have it all and all you can eat right this second at Plaza Indonesia Good Food Festival, it’s ending today so I highly suggest you guys to hurry up!!! 😍😍😍 #PIGoodFoodFestival
<WAJIB SAVE> - Sering dapet pertanyaan soal "the best French restaurants" di Jakarta and salah satu yang masuk di TOP 5 aku of course BISTRO BARON di Plaza Indonesia! Udah beberapa kali kesini dan gak pernah kecewa sama makanan mereka! Top notch food and service, really nothing to dislike. You're looking at their Beef Wellington, very tender, fragrant, flavorful and altogether DELICIOUS, and you can have this as much as you want at Plaza Indonesia Good Food Festival and today's the last day! So hurrrrrrrrryyy #PIGoodFoodFestival
SUMPAH MALEM-MALEM GAMAU LAPER SENDIRI! Lagi scroll foto dan tiba-tiba ngidam ZENBU and their uber good cheesy Mozaru Rice! Siapa yang suka ini juga? β™₯️β™₯️
I am going to share more & more recommendations from Plaza Indonesia Good Food Festival, well because there are a lot of worthy things to share! 😍😍😍
Besides the destination, it's who you travel with that matters! Anyway coba liat deh apa yang ada di tangan kita, absen dulu siapa yang mauuu minions lucu ini (komen β€œMAU”)!!! Sumpah kemarin pertama kali banget ke Universal Studio dan amazed sama theme parknya, sebagus itu dan sekarang kebetulan lagi Christmas vibe jadi cakepnya berkali-kali lipat! Stay tuned yaaa buat blog postnya! Aku lagi ngedit fotonya sekarang buanyaaaak banget!!!
Anyway kalau kalian liat story aku kemarin, aku dateng ke launching BCA Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Infinite and I am so signing up for that card! Banyak benefitnya, especially welcome bonus KrisFlyer miles! Untuk pemegang kartu baru ada hingga 12.500 KrisFlyer Miles hanya dengan transaksi dalam 2 bulan pertama β™₯ #BCASQINFINITE #BCACreditCards
<SAVE> - JANGAN LUPA DATENG GUYS SERIUS!!! Recommending you guys an event to visit: PLAZA INDONESIA GOOD FOOD FESTIVAL - Hanya dengan bayar IDR 250k kalian bisa makan sepuasnya makanan-makanan dari tenant-tenant terbaik Plaza Indonesia, and here you're looking at FAT BURGER, one of my all time favorite gourmet burger restaurants in town! Juicy thick meaty patties with oozing sauce and cheesy goodness! What's not to love! Plaza Indonesia Good Food berjalan sampai besok (5 Desember 2018) ya guys, do not miss this!!! @plaza_indonesia ❀️❀️❀️
AKHIRNYAAAA sekarang Boat Noodle udah ada menu noodle bowl yang porsinya lebih banyak, dan berhubung Jakarta lagi hujan terus jujur aku jadi sering ngidam comfort food yang berkuah & sedikit spicy! Anyway kemarin nyobain menu baru mereka yang Ayutthaya Chicken Egg Noodle & ternyata lumayan juga! Kuahnya gurih, suwiran ayamnya lumayan banyak (as you can see on the picture), mienya tipis (expected it to be a little firm tho), sedikit tips: aku pair ini kemarin sama chicken skin mereka biar ada texture crunchy πŸ‘ŒπŸ»βœ¨
BTW out of topic, random kadang mikir kasian gak sih karyawannya cuci mangkok banyak bener tiap hari HAHA πŸ€£πŸ˜“