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It’s the weekend but we’re already thinking ahead. Orders for Monday Delivery close out tonight at midnight, don’t miss out. 
We take pride on our product but more in providing you results. We could brag about it BUT the people can tell you better than we can.
Thank you for sharing champ! #REPOST @bob.the_bui1d3r
1st vid: July ‘16 ~210lbs
2cnd Vid: July ‘17 ~220lbs
Shameless bathroom selfies from my hotel in Lansing MI: July ‘18 ~200lbs
*last pic was my attempt at the back double bicep @schwarzenegger is famous for: no idea what I’m doing when it comes to posing though haha

I am in my 20th week of ordering meals from @eatcleanchicago. They have truly made this lifestyle change, EASY. How can you argue with having delicious meals ready to go in your fridge?

With the amount of traveling I do for work, it can be tough: coolers, lunch boxes, eating cold meals= all worth it.

As many of you know I got into similar shape back in 2013, but obsessed over the scale and inevitably lost muscle. (Scroll through my insta & you will see) 
5 years of consistent training and all sorts of different strength, powerlifting, & bodybuilding programs later and now I am much happier with this cut process.

I am also so much smarter when it comes to training and listening to my body, focusing on mind-muscle connection instead of weights in my hand or on the scale. This time around I didn’t simply cut carbs out of my diet which has helped my sanity and I certainly have enjoyed plenty of “cheat meals....days” when I pleased. I’ve just made sure to pay my dues ASAP after those cheat days....weekends haha

This Cut: have been training to cut/get in shape 5-7 days a week since November. 10min cardio warmup every gym day and 20min HIIT 4-5 times a week. I don’t always want to do the cardio, but seeing transformation pics like this motivate me on those tough days. Other days I actually enjoy intervals on the stair master...... I might be insane.

This change has brought confidence back into every aspect of my life.

No idea what BF% I was before or am now. All I know is I still have some work to do.

You all have the power to make changes happen, just have believe in it and get rid of the Doubt. 🤙🏽💪🏽💯🇺🇸✌🏽 #eatcleanchicago #mealprep #shredded #summer2018 #bodybuilding
Back in action. 
Its #MealPrepWednesday
The New Santa Fe Salad is all you need this summer. Order yours now, deliveries for a Thursday close at midnight tonight. #MealPrep #WeAreECC
We understand that you’re busy and we don’t always get to see you during delivery, so here’s an addition to your weekly prep! An Insulated cooler bag to keep your meals at a cool temperature while you make it home, fits at least 10 meals in each bag. We will provide a ice pack with your meals, if you wish to reuse for next delivery please leave at your door and notify driver prior to delivery. 
#DeliveryMonday just got easier 📦📦🔥
🚨🚨🚨 New Dish Alert!! 🚨🚨🚨 Santa Fe Salad now available on our site. Enjoy it while it lasts!

And don’t forget to place your order by midnight tonight for a Monday Delivery 📦 
586 cal
A salad never looked so good! Our classic Fruit and Walnut Salad with Chicken is our go to for these summer days. 
Have a Happy and Blessed #4ThOfJuly 
Fourth of July is coming and will still be prepping meals tomorrow! Order by tonight at midnight and get your meals delivered Thursday. #MealPrep
It’s going down in the kitchen.  Have you tried our NEW Egg Muffins?
Comment 💪🏼 if you’re ready for the weekend! #chifitexpo #fbf
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