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We did some recipe testing while the truck was down and we came up with the most amazing Pork Belly you have ever tried. We may or may not have shed tears of delight when we first tried this 😆. This will likely be a regular on our menu so here’s your new favorite: Pork Belly Confit with Guava Maple Sauce.
It’s a gorgeous day for the Durham Food Truck Rodeo! We’ll be at there from 12-4pm today (check out the location on the red star!). There will be all sorts of foods, drinks, beer and music! 🎵 ☀️ 🍺 👨🏽‍🍳
Check out the menu today at Trophy on Maywood! Ask for a marker and you can write well wishes on the truck before we get the wrap on it! Swipe for more pics! 🙌🏻
We have BIG BIG BIG News🎉! Our new truck is officially permitted and finished. We can't wait to get back out so we will be out and about this weekend to say HEEYYYY! She might not be all dolled up just yet, but the food will come out just as good 😉. So please come out and visit us this Labor Day weekend to welcome us back. We'd love to see your shining faces at our window once again. 📆Saturday 9/1: Trophy on Maywood 4pm-8pm 📆Sunday 9/2 : Durham Central Park Food Truck Rodeo 12pm-4pm *BTW, if you are wondering if this truck will also be called Minga, please know that it will be called after Minga's BFF Petraca
If you are missing the Spanglish Cuban, today is a great day to go get one at Pressed! #Repost @eatpressed with @get_repost
Guess what day it is!! It’s National Cuban Sandwich Day, and in honor of that all Cuban Sandwiches will be $6 for the rest of the afternoon until we close today! Don’t miss it, it’s our #1 seller! 🥪 😋 #nationalcubansandwichday
Being a business owner is tough! You spend countless hours, weeknights, weekends, and energy working non-stop to reach your goals and dreams. Our Spanglish journey started in 2016 with a small idea that has flourished into a much larger venture through the past two years. We keep working non-stop to reach our goals, and we have even added a tiny little biz partner that makes our meetings fun and giggly (see last picture on the bottom 🤣). But when you do it with your friends and the best people around, everything feels like it’s going to be just fine! Spanglish v2.0 is just about ready to take the Triangle by storm again 🙌🏻🙌🏻
We’re getting closer to the new truck being completed and the Spanglish familia is getting excited!!!
Hey Friends! We're going to be at Ritmo Latino Festival this Saturday, May 12th from 12-6pm. Please come see us! We have a special menu this weekend and will be serving only Mofongo and Frappes. While our new truck is getting built, we will be serving at a tent, so please look out for our Spanglish banner at the tents. 
Mofongo with Fried Pork (Carne Frita)
Mofongo with Fried Chicken (Masitas de pollo) 
Mofongo with Roast Pork (Pernil)

Strawberry Frappe
Nutella Frappe

We're excited that this event will help us raise even more funds to get back on the road as soon as possible. Please come out to say hi and support us!
Spanglish doesn’t get knocked down for long! We pooled all our resources, lined up all our contacts, and called in a few favors. We can now announce that we’re coming back on the road as soon as our new truck gets completed. It’s going to be lean and mean (and way easier to drive!). But we still need your help to get it loaded and ready to go! Insurance covered part of the truck and equipment but there were so many other things lost in the fire, like our cooking utensils, food stock, cash money from the register, receipt printers, paperware, mobile device for taking orders, even our team member’s glasses! If you’d like to show your support, please go to the link in our profile! 
We have been so impressed by our fans’ support and outcry to have us back. It has been wonderful to see the impact we have made with our little niche. We are so excited to be able to continue doing this for you guys!
Today we experienced one of the worst nightmares for any food truck owner. After our lunch shift in Durham, our truck caught on fire and it spread too quickly before we could get to our extinguishers. Thankfully, everyone got out without any injuries, but unfortunately, the truck had irreparable damages and is a total loss. We’re sad to announce that for the foreseeable future we will not be able to go out to any locations or events that we previously had on our calendar. We were very excited for this next food truck “season” during the next few months and were looking forward to all the locations and events we were going to be a part of. Our team is meeting to digest the situation and figure out what will be the next steps after this unfortunate event. Please keep us in your thoughts while we work through all of this. - Antonio, Elizabeth, Doel, and Gretchen

Our bread is fresh and our sandwiches are delicious! Get your lunch today at Taggart Auto Sales during their kick off event. Saturday 4/14 11:30-1:30pm. 
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We’re on our way to Wilson tonight with our delicious Cuban Sandwich in tow! Find us at 217 Brew Works from 6-9:30pm. There will be live music from Shannon Baker & The Stepbacks! 
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