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We are so very thankful for the beautiful rain today!  The track practice is cancelled for today!  #amazingpeopledoingamazingthings #trackpracticecancelled #thesunwillcomeouttomorrow #rainydays
We were so honoured to have Gr. 1B sing O Canada at the Flag Raising at HRHS this week! Bravo to our Onion Lake partners who sang in Cree as well! #thisislcsd #voicilcsd
Aboriginal awareness week! What a fantastic celebration - Merci Cynthia Young and Family for your generational sharing of the culture.  Some of our groups enjoyed the sessions! #thisislcsd #voicilcsd
What a fantastic turn out the family picnic! Merci #voicilcsd #thisislcsd
Arts Ed!! École St. Thomas is pleased to partner with local business, Prairie Sister Productions, to create a book that captures photographs taken by our Grade 7 Arts. Ed. class. This project looks at location and is a study of finding beauty in the world around us. Here are a couple of our students being interviewed about their project. 
If you’re interested in purchasing a book, pre-order forms will be coming out soon. 
What started as a small art talk, turned into a photography project, turned into a book! #thisislcsd #voicilcsd
What a great way to end World Catholic Education week! We are so proud of our Gr. 5 soccer coaches who mentored our Gr.3 students in a tournament! Leadership, positivity, hope and joy... on the field. #wced #thisislcsd #voicilcsd Merci to Mme Budd and teacher supervisors!
Merci 1/2D and 2C for a beautiful living today in celebration of World Catholic Education Day! Merci Jesus for these wonderful children who bless our lives daily! #thisislcsd #voicilcsd #wced
World Catholic Education Week! #voicilcsd Sights of Joy & hope Grade 5 leaders run soccer practice for a grade3 tournament this week! Boys discuss their game before playing! Seeing the light in others! #thisislcsd #wced #ecolestthomas
I throw my feet up in the air sometimes saying, “Wear your Red Socks, for Asher!!” Grade 1B raising their red socks for their classmate!! #amazingpeopledoingamazingthings  #redsocksforAsher #thisisLCSD #voiciLCSD
165 pairs of red socks worn today!! Thank you for wearing red socks today!  You can share your own photos to redsocksforasher@Gmail.com .  World Catholic Education Week - we are joyful in hope and showing love to our neighbours! #amazingpeopledoingamazingthings #redsocksforAsher #voiciLCSD #thisisLCSD #supportforthestollery #WorldCatholicEducationWeek #bejoyfulinhope
And the winner is......
The Book with No Pictures!! Thank you to all for voting!! #amazingpeopledoingamazingthings #tournamentofbooks2018 #thisisLCSD #voiciLCSD
Music Festival Success! Merci to Mme Enstrom & M. Sikora Félicitations Grade 6 & 7 bands on high 80 adjudication- Bravo! #voicilcsd #thisislcsd