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Volleyball finals #thisislcsd
We pray for all of those men and women who fought bravely, who are still fighting today, and who will continue to fight for us in the future, so that we may live freely.  Thank you and we remember.  #weremember #jemesouviens #voicilcsd #jourdusouvenir #thankyou
So proud of these little men!  They have grown so much in the past few months!  Thank you to @fathergormanfg for hosting our year end tournament!  We truly appreciate you opening up your space to us in order to end our volleyball season together!  #thisislcsd #voicilcsd #amazingpeopledoingamazingthings #volleyball #seehowtheyvegrown #soproud
Wow! #werememeber #legionpostercontest We are ready to send our learning in the form of poster, poems and essays to the Legion Poster contest. Merci to teachers for helping teach the importance of remembrance. #thisislcsd #voicilcsd
Here are a few more wonderful pictures from Saturday. Merci  Join us Friday Nov 9 at 10:45 for our Remembrance day prayer service
Starving Sharks doo doo doo doo doo... our grade 1 students are having a great time playing as starving sharks!  #amazingpeopledoingamazingthings  #voicilcsd #thisislcsd #starvingsharks #PEgames
So many kittens have lost their mittens... and toques... and jackets, sweaters, pants, socks... if you have a chance to pop by and reclaim some lost items, please pop on by!  #voicilcsd #amazingpeopledoingamazingthings #somanylostitems #lostandfound
No Stone left alone- Nov 3 One parent shared, “it was heartwarming to see the students participating, learning and remembering.” Merci to all students and parents who took part in this remembrance where all Veteran headstones received a poppy.  Merci for thé photos. We are proud to have had you represent Ecole St. Thomas. #rememberance #nostoneleftalone #thisislcsd #voicilcsd
Inviting students to write postcards for peace! They can a message to veteran or to a soldier and pay their respects! Merci to the 20+ students who will attend Nov 3 - No stone left alone ceremony at the Lloydminster cemetery 10:30 am. We thank you for representing us and laying poppies of remembrance.
We enjoyed the costumes today! Worked hard amidst the excitement. We know students may have some treats in lunches tomorrow so please avoid sending treats with nuts.  #thisislcsd #voicilcsd
Our Troupe de Tigres put on some wonderful activities with our K-4 students at lunch time today!  They began with some Halloween reading stations and then demonstrated fantastic leadership in leading different games for the students to play!  It was fantastic!! #voicilcsd #thisislcsd #amazingpeopledoingamazingthings #happyhalloween #leadershipteam #gostudents
Troupe de Tigre! Our student leaders ran fun games for younger students today at lunch! Merci mes amis! #voicilcsd #thisislcsd