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▫I make old tracks of the new generation 🎸🎹
▫Hear my music on spotify - click link below👇


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Watch those frequencies! I really enjoy having a Real-time Analyzer on my desk. Helps me cleaning up my mixes and saves precious screen real-estate. Every producer should have one!
I’m still blown away by this! 😍🙏 you guys are the best!
These epic pin badges came with the mail today! 🤩
Prophet~6 - the perfect synthesizer! 🎹💜 📷 @nbjessen
What’s your favorite waveform and why? 😃♒️
This sticker on my super strat? 🎸Who you gonna call? 👻
Having fun working on two new tracks for you guys! Stay tuned for more!✌️😃♒️
Thanks for an amazing year guys! Didn’t expect 28k minutes during my first year on Spotify! 😃 Thank you all! ❤️
Cooking with Bias FX. Great sounding plug-in! 🎸
This is a true companion whenever I post videos on IG! Rad mixer @roland_us 🎛
Full on! or half? 🎹
Let it LFO ❄️
Hello December!