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▫I am Ectronic.
▫I make old tracks of the new generation 🎸🕶🎹
▫Listen to my music - Click the link below 👇


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🎉Kickstarting the weekend by letting you know that I’m going to make a limited cassette tape edition of my EP “Plex”. And heck I think one of you guys should have it! 🎁😉 Let me know what you think?
Just wow! Today I found this epic cassette tape recorder. Got it insanely cheap! 😍
The groove of this track 😍♒️
That feeling when power on! 💥🎹♒️
Tracking new ideas 🕶
A funny but happy couple 💜🎹
What synths do you own?

Couldn’t help myself adding animation to this incredible Marty McFly artwork by @samgilbey✌️😁
This is my little Robuddy 🤖

Hey guys, what are you working on atm? 😁

Spice it up with neon ♒️🕶 @ectronicmusic
800 of you guys are currently following. I’m honored that you keep supporting me! Thanks!🖖😎 @ectronicmusic
Here’s a memory from my first gig. A lot of water has flowed under the bridge since then. 😉🎹 @ectronicmusic