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▫I am Ectronic
▫I make old tracks of the new generation 🎸🕶🎹
▫Check out my music on spotify - click link below👇


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Tuesday mood
Comment 🔥♒️ if you’re vibing to this!
Monday vibes 🎸😎 what music are you guys listening to atm?
“Beacon” is here! Take a listen on your favorite music platform! 🎧 Spotify link in bio ♒️
Tomorrow! New single ♒️
Ready to rock! Clean and new strings. 🎸❤️
Prepare for an exciting new tune 🎹🔥
Fresh strings! 🎸 Going to clean this up a bit for the next tracking session.
Noodling new stuff 🎸
What the heck you doing these days, Ectronic? you might ask. I’m in a flow making a new rad single for you guys! ♒️ Need more production fuel though.⛽️
Guys! Look at this epic collection by @audible_void - It’s so awesome to make music that fit into your lives! 🌎♒️🙏 Repost: @audible_void
Nothing better than being in a creative flow! The Model D brought me new inspiration. ♒️🎹🎸
This weekend I’ll be messing with the Model D synth. Excited to hear what I can do with this bad boy. ♒️🎹