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BS in Community Health and wellness. Believer in movement, strength, health and wellness. Email :EddieBodySoul@aol.com


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@maryffrancis has literally been killllllng her workouts. This is towards the end of a little upper body pump circuit. 
2x 15 
Hammer curls
Double rope tricep extensions 
High elbow face pulls
3 minute challenge. @ashdee23 did these incline push ups. Easy at first, but after 3 minutes they pile up. She did 128 and didn't stop once in 3 minutes!
So I don't have an official name for these, but this body weight leg extensions against the wall is a great finisher to smoke your quads without compromising your knees like a leg extensions machine does. Do these at the end of a workout for sets of 15-20. @nick_serpico here twerking in the walls
30 yard sled drags 
20 leg extensions 
3 rds
Lauren with some dumbbell split squats to start off lower body day
Can we all talk about how @laurenmassemini is consistently killing it every week!! She's down 4 lbs and we even upped her food! So proud of you.
A lot of Clanging and Banging at Body Soul Tonight. @foxyseanburns
Muhammad Manfredi
Hello everyone! 
The day has come for Body Souls Personal Training Holiday Sale!
If you would like to take advantage of Body Souls 25% off sale and purchase personal training sessions to work with me at the Riverside Location you'll need to take the following steps:
-Go to Bodysoultraining.com
-Click "Book Online" on the top banner -Create an account
-On the drop down menu, choose Riverside and either select 30min PT 45min PT or 60 min PT and the number of sessions you want depending on which package you'd like!
-Once you select one, hit checkout -At check out, apply gift card Promo code 777 -Then complete your purchase !

If you are interested, need assistance or have any questions please let me know!

Hope to hear from you!
@foxyseanburns ripping a big 400lb trap bar deadlift PR
Lauren practicing a single leg hip hinge variation. Working unilateral variations to help work any imbalances. A stationary death march to load the glute and hamstring while keeping a neutral spine. Shout out to Lauren for working hard every day these last two weeks. Just the beginning! Keep focused and keep working hard!
@_briii.8 finishing up our workout with some battle rope variations! @battleropeexercises
@g_conroy and I have been working on weighted neutral grip pull ups. Here he has the 40 lb vest on and an additional 10 lb kettle bell for a set of 3 then hit a drop set of body weight for 10.