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Trainer/ Manager of Body Soul’s Riverside Location.
Dedicated to helping people reach their goals while focusing on health, wellness and movement.


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@victoria.vol performing some Bulgarian split squats and single arm farmers carries today 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼
@maryffrancis with a 560 lb sled drag. BEAST
Thanks Perforamnce PT for naming Body Soul and I a community partner. Thank you for having me at your re-grand opening. We am honored to work with a great company where we know our clients will get the best care!
@clevesque82 Run Forrest Runnnnnn
Happy to announce Body Soul has won best of Rhode Island. 5 years straight. Thank you for everyone who voted. It’s a honor to work for a great company with incredible people and awesome clients.
365, 30 lb PR on the high handle trap bar for big Bri guy 🤙🏼
Wall Squats with a little help from your friends.
@ashdee23 first front squat attempt ever. She did so good. Going to work this new movement for the next month. Having a lot of clients switch over to front squats as the next progression in their training. 💪🏼💪🏼
Speed kills 
Revisiting the trap bar after a block of straight bar work. 275x6 easy workkkk
@prettayinpunk came in and blasted through a full body workout.
We started with her first trap bar deadlift.
Also videoed a few clips of a cardio circuit
20 seconds of 
Dumbbell thrusters
Ball slams
In -Outs
Awesome job!!!
@where_in_the_world_is_bennyboy first front squat attempt courtesy of the worlds most famous elements. Earth, Wind and feugo. @earthwindandfire