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Trainer/ Manager of Body Soul’s Riverside Location.
Dedicated to helping people reach their goals while focusing on health, wellness and movement.


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Tay Brady 4th and goal, ten yards left, no time outs 1 second on the clock. @taylevin
If you see @bennny_henry check him out from behind 🍑 @bretcontreras1
Proud of you brother !
@cody_volpe with 2 PRs
Trap bar before this program 260lbs, after training 475
Bench before this program 230 after this program Cody hit 290. You can hear how pumped he is in the last clip 😂
Let’s get shreddedddd
Stefano Esquire For Hire, finishing an upper body day with a 3 round HIIT circuit. He hit a bench PR tonight and is down weight. Killing it!
Sometimes you need to use your mother as a prop @gimarie718
I lied to Brian. I told him this was 380 so he wouldn’t psyche himself out. Rips it for a double then said it was easy we can try 400 ( which would be an all time PR) then told him that was 400 for a dub. I lie when I need to. It helps.
Gabs first straight bar deadlift. Gripping and ripping, clanging and banging
@cody_volpe this dude always crushing it.  435 for a double. 7 weeks ago never pulled more than 260. Consistency and hard work. Let’s keep grinding!!
Everyone, Meet Wayne, or as I call him Wayne The Rock Johnson @therock
He’s the man
Wayne came to me 8 weeks ago. He suffers from chronic nerve damage after an accident which leaves him in constant pain in his foot. Right now, there is no cure and it is so sensitive he can’t wear a sock or even have a blanket on it when he’s sleeping
On top of that, had shoulder subluxation which caused a lot of pain in his rotator cuff and the surrounding area
I am happy to announce that so far in our time together, he has absolutely 0 pain in his shoulder. He now comes and trains 3 times a week where we work on strength and mobility. He has lost 18 lbs and is down multiple sizes in his clothes
He was pumped to video these sets because he turned 50 this week and deadlifted 250lbs for a triple and dragged a 465lb sled PAIN FREE!!
He is a great reminder why you shouldn’t make excuses
His foot still flares up but the doctors tel him the best thing to do is to move and we are now able to squat, bridge, deadlift, hip hinge and it’s all been great!
Proud of you !
@cody_volpe hitting another PR this week. Worked up to a heavy set of 4. Here he hit 390lbs! Crushing it
Big Ben train rolls on with a 45lb PR. 350 trap bar deadlift for a triple ! @bennny_henry