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BS in Community Health and wellness. Believer in movement, strength, health and wellness. Email :EddieBodySoul@aol.com


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@clevesque82 the floors lava
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I'm and happy and excited to announce the launch of The Heavy Metal Muscle Co.  This is something that I have been working on for awhile. The idea is to combine the passion I have for fitness with the love I have for Metal music. I wanted to create a shirt that is form fitting yet comfortable to lift in, while incorporating things associated with Metal. This is my first design. The logo was done by @maryffrancis. She took the idea I had in my head and was able to bring it to life. We literally took my head, stripped the skin right off it and used my skull as the face of the Heavy Metal Muscle Co. Edboi has now become Deadboi 💀 I hope to continue and grow and have many new shirts already in mind. If you'd like to purchase these shirts please message me and follow my new account @heavymetalmuscleco Thank you all for the continued support in everything I do. A big thanks to Murph and for @foxyseanburns for the photography. 
Keep it Metal 💀🤘🏼
Sizes: (S, M, L, XL) •
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When rose and I started she had a lot of knee and lower back issues causing pain in certain movements. I was able to help her by changing two things. First I got her to listen to metal, second I gave her some basic cues to transfer her energy to the correct spots. Here she is performing banded kettle-bell deadlifts.
Providence Finest came in today and crushed a full body workout. I've posted a few clients doing this before. This clip is of the multi directional anti rotation. I really like using this with athletes. 9/10 the people I've seen have never done this exercise and can feel the immediate effects. Everyone works flexion and extension (crunches, back extensions, leg raises) but not many people work rotation. Do not neglect this. Instead of thinking of exercises, try to think of movements and the direction. Awesome job today @nick_serpico
I've been using weighted cable squats to help people learn to sit deeper into the squat and load into their hips more by using the weight to counter balance their body weight. @victoria.vol performing sets of 10-15
@kmberard2 killing it today. With some trap bar deadlifts and weighted cable pulley squats! She burned 500+ calories today just through weight training!
Big boi @foxyseanburns
@clevesque82 he may be a firefighter 👩🏻‍🚒 but he built like a 🚒
@foxyseanburns working on that big back and forearms
Some clips from @kmorrissette workout.
75lb bench press x3
Half kneeling row 
Low Incline push ups
Long rope face pulls
Ladies stop destroying yourself with endless cardio in an attempt to look better. Lift weights. Focus on getting stronger in compound exercises. Use accessory lifts to gain some muscle. Pair this with various forms of cardio and a healthy diet and you will see change.
No, she's not mad just focused 🤘🏼@victoria.vol with the a banded Pallof Press. First presses, then spelling her name to work anti rotation and multidirectional movements.
A few clips from this morning. @ccoogs11 with the 40 inch box jump and some suicide sprints.