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Trainer/ Manager of Body Soul’s Riverside Location.
Dedicated to helping people reach their goals while focusing on health, wellness and movement.


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Tina Turner making that home made sauce by stirring the pot. @prettayinpunk
Proud of this one. Working so hard every day. Goodluck walking tomorrow 🤙🏼 @jordinpino 
Trap bar 155x6
Proud of Corey with a HUGE PR 240lb front squat! Then he hit 95lbs for 30, then he laid down 🤙🏼
Ash “Piston Pip” crushing the barbell back squat with added band resistance using @bretcontreras1 hip loop. Awesome way to really cue and engage the glutes while squatting💪🏼💪🏼 @ashdee23
@ccoogs11 and I have been working all summer to hit a big trap bar. Over the last 6 weeks we hit the trap bar deadlift every Sunday. Overloading the movement by increasing intensity and dropping volume. Today in test day, he hit a 60lb PR and nailed a 400lb trap bar deadlift. Congrats dude!!
@maryffrancis crushing some Bulgarian split squats.
3x8 each leg last set body weights 8 with a pause mid way up🔥
Before and after using @bretcontreras1 hip loop. I just realized he’s wearing it wrong.
@bennny_henry 650lbs!!
Dog Daze 🐶
Gabby is down 12 lbs and is doubling her strength. Can’t wait until you see this final product of hard work. Soon.
If you or someone you know has kids, use them as props to exercise. @dougwalker7
@prettayinpunk Back From vacation, and right into the glute lab! Using the @bretcontreras1 hip loop band!