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Tonight’s dinner done right: Steelhead trout. #FannyonFire @michelkinpub www.fannyonfire.com
#FannySez: read #FannyonFire, www.fannyonfire.com @michelkinpub
Brunch with my pretty girl!
#FannySez be there or be square. Special appearances by Fanny Goldman and Solly Rabinowitz. #FannyonFire @michelkinpub www.fannyonfire.com
#FannySez “Be there or be square!” Special appearance by Solly Rabinowitz. See y’all soon! #FannyonFire www.fannyonfire.com
Stop by and meet Fanny Goldman and Solly Rabinowitz! #FannyonFire www.fannyonfire.com @michelkinpub
Solly to the rescue on this drab, rainy day. It always rains on my birthday! #FannylovesSolly #FannyonFire #FannyPurple www.fannyonfire.com @michelkinpub
#FannySez Be there or be square! Stop by and meet Solly Rabinowitz too. #FannyonFire www.fannyonfire.com Hillsborough NJ public library Saturday 11/10 1-4 pm
Hear about Fanny Goldman and her motley crew of characters—with special appearance by Solly Rabinowitz. Bawdy fun! #FannyonFire www.fannyonfire.com @michelkinpub
Stop by at the Hillsborough NJ public library and meet Fanny Goldman, star of #FannyonFire, Special appearance by Solly Rabinowitz. Saturday 11/10/18 between 1-4pm. www.fannyonfire.com. Stay for a reading (for mature audiences) if you dare!
Hot dang! #FannyonFire @michelkinpub www.fannyonfire.com #brisket  Nope; I’m still a #vegetarian.
5 lbs. of brisket does shrink in half. #FannyonFire www.fannyonfire.com @michelkinpub