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Looking forward to hugs from my #1 cyclocross / fixie crit babe @aunicornvomited tomorrow!! @missioncrit weekend game on! #SquidSquad #SquidWorldTour 📷 @toshikisato 
#fixedgear #fixie
It rained all day, but yesterday I rode though fields of wild flowers that matched my helmet and bibs. So fancy 💅🏼💃
#cyclocross #squidseparates #squidbikes
My face says it all. 50/50 I’m about to crash. Downhill brakeless fixed gear dismount into a set of concrete blocks 😬🔪🦑 The first Bay Area @resistanceracing #tracklocrossissketchy #tracklocrossiscoming 📷 @terrible.angles
#tracklocross #squidbikes #trackcross #fixedgear #fixie #cyclocross #nobrakes
Cruising the sand dunes with these dudes after a full day at Sea Otter! Great to see everyone. #tracklocross tomorrow!
That big silly grin on my face 😆
The first @resistanceracing Bay Area #Tracklocross race of 2019 is this Saturday in Oakland! Can’t wait! 📷 @terrible.angles #tracklocrossiscoming #fixedgear #fixie #squidbikes
There’s a trail in here somewhere. #tracklocross #SMFCX
Yep, still flooded 🧐 
That Sierra snow pack has yet to make it our way, but great to see California with full rivers and reservoirs. #squidseparates #smfcx 📷 @terrible.angles
Oh heeeeyy, It’s springtime in Sacramento 💚 and I spent all weekend exploring. 📷 @terrible.angles #SMFCX 
#squidbikes #squidseparates
An artist at work is a beautiful thing. A collaboration between Japanese framebuiler @schmitt_cycle_works, Japanese painter @swamp_jpn and @squidbike co-owner @nommeke, I was certainly incredibly proud of the Salariman road bike we had on display with @sramroad during @nahbspics last month. Creations And Their Creators celebrates the artists behind the one-of-a-kind handmade rolling works of art that filled the Sacramento Convention Center during the show. Link in bio for the gallery and story. 📷 @abovebike @jordan_clark_haggard
Can’t wait to spend another Summer playing in the Lost Sierra with this babe ❤️
So long SoCal, my heart’s in NorCal but you’ll always be home.🌴☀️🚴🏼‍♀️
Not sure what I loved more today: the 4500 ft solo climb up Palomar Mountain on dirt or ripping the paved descent on the way back down 💜 
Thanks to @angry_singlespeeder’s friend I randomly meet on the @elielcycling group ride the day before for the suggestion!