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Mixing LIFE WTR with bandana designs (LIFE WTR art by a great artist, Adrianne Gauthier)
If I'm ever going to tell someone to follow a dream, I must know that I once gave one everything I had @usspeedskating @milwaukeehome #TSP at it // SLC Training Camp
Parking lot blading like ... it's the 90's @whitmoreusa @kgriff90 @joeymantia @usspeedskating // SLC Training Camp #TSP at it
Lessening some quadricipital pain with some of Utah's beauty // SLC Training Camp @nswiderpeltzjr @brianthansen #visualdrug #nofilter #TSP at it
Survived the scorching & surreal Great Salt Lake w/ @brianthansen // SLC Training Camp #nofilter #TSP at it for #pyeongchang2018 💪🏼
"My God, help me survive this deadly love" – ditto, 3 decades later ... Miss that fun trip tho last January with @vadnaismadness & Ivar
Missing this remarkable woman on a well-deserved summer break with her family #writemeapostcardplease #laosfamilyhouse #stillthefirsthalfofsummeryay
Skate sits on sits in strange spots @brianthansen
When you're worried about overtraining
Lord knows that many mothers give so much without receiving, and mine has. Amen, that is love. Thank you mom and Grandma. Notes of appreciation from your children
Well most of us seem to be enjoying this ride @srfct // USS Cycling Camp Day 4 @usspeedskating @teamusa @underarmour
USS Cycling Camp Day 3 // Tai Chi savant @drmarkcheng (bottom right) showing us how to waltz into the @pyeongchang2018 opening ceremonies. First impressions last @usspeedskating @underarmour @teamusa