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Hurting? Hang in there.
Fight through temporary pain for long term results.
🇦🇺 Founding Athlete, Max 'The Body' Philisaire was there five years ago at our very first Sydney @ausfitnessshow and he will be there again next week at the EHPlabs Booth!
🎁 $5,000 of EHPlabs Supplements! Sound good?
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✋Try not to be inspired by Hayden’s Story.
“All my school days I was always the fat kid, always bullied really bad because of how big I was but I brushed it off and paid no attention to the need to change.
May 2016 April 12 “my birthday” I had a massive wake up call, I hit the scale at 130kgs.
Just after my son was born I feared that I would struggle to run and enjoy the fun things with him.
I simple had to change. For his happiness and my own health reasons.
For a full year I trained morning and night and worked two jobs so I could afford to pay for my training food and supplements.
Obviously diet was a massive thing that was needed to be changed. A year passed and I was sitting at around 86kgs.. I wasn’t satisfied and became hungry to push my limits and try compete.
I now strive to push others that struggle with weight loss by donating my time and knowledge for free to those who need it most.
130kgs to 74kgs- training for fat loss.
74-78- training for physique.
I owe my success to OxyShred and OxyWhey!”
#TeamEHP @hayden_2king 
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What does #MuscleMainia World Champion, Nicolas Iong’s Supplement Stack look like?
☀️Pre Cardio (when I wake) :
2 scoops OxyShred
1 scoop Acetyl L-Carnitine
🏃‍♂️Post Cardio:
1 scoop IsoPept Zero
1 cap Enhanced Performance Vitamin
🔥 Pre Workout:
1 scoop RP MAX (Energy)
1 scoop PSI (Pump)
1 scoop Acetyl L-Carnitine
💪 Intra Workout: 
1 scoop Beyond BCAA
💧Post Workout:
1 scoop IsoPept Zero
1 scoop Glutamine
🌙 20min before bed:
3 caps OxyRem
🎁WIN $5,000 of EHPlabs Supplements and build your own super stack!
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#TeamEHP @nicolasiong 
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⭐️Top Set: 10 Reps at 264 lbs 💪
Challenge yourself by increasing the reps each set!
💪Lauren’s thoughts on Progressive Overload
“Progressives Overload involves continually increasing the demands on your body; you’re doing more over time. We can do this by adding weight, doing more reps, changing tempo, decreasing rest periods, etc. If you don’t keep pushing your body to go above and beyond what it has previously, it will adapt and your training won’t be as effective!
This is the best method for building muscle and increasing strength!”
Lauren relies on a double dose of #OxyShred to get her through her toughest workouts.
🎁You can win a truckload of OxyShred be entering our $5,000 Supplement Giveaway, by tapping the link in our bio!
#TeamEHP @laurensimpson
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👆Hit the link in our bio to enter.
🇦🇺To celebrate five years since our first Sydney @ausfitnessshow expo, we’re giving you a chance to win $5,000 worth of the world’s best supplements!
How to increase your chances of winning
🔹TAG your gym buddy below.
🔹TELL your gym squad to enter.
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It’s about time for that second scoop! 
Don’t hit the wall in the afternoon, try a second scoop of OxyShred in the early afternoon to help manage your appetite, continue your fat burning and give you a nice energy kick.
🇦🇺 Hey #MassiveFam, Zac will be at the EHPlabs Booth at the Sydney @ausfitnessshow next week.
Don’t miss out!
#TeamEHP @zacperna -
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Whey Proteins are not for everyone.
👉Whether it doesn’t sit right in your stomach, you’re aiming to maintain a vegan diet, or you’re looking for something new, @blessedprotein is for you!
This is not your usual, bland plant-based protein!
🌱#BlessedProtein, mixes smooth, doesn’t taste gritty and comes in mouth-watering flavors, including Vanilla Chai, Salted Caramel & Choc Coconut.
👆To find out more, hit the link in our bio.
#TeamEHP @miranda_leighh
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It’s not just a physical change!
👇Read about @ehplabs_ausnz’s own @cruizhosni’s fitness journey.
“Looking at these two photos they were both very exciting and happy moments in my life. On the left was after my first tattoo (August 2016) on my 18th birthday and on the right was yesterday before my biggest photoshoot to date(April 2018). Now there’s definitely a big difference physically but my mental and emotional transformation is extremely evident and that’s all thanks to the EHPLabs community! I discovered this team about 2 years ago and they have helped me in more ways than one and I cannot thank you guys enough for helping me along my journey! I have used your products from day one and I couldn’t be happier! My favorite products are OxyShred, Beyond BCAA, ISOPEPT ZERO and PSI!”
You are everything the EHPlabs Family is about, Cruiz. Keep inspiring and educating those around you.
Want to pick up the same stack Cruiz used?
👆Hit the link in our bio!
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#TeamEHP in SYD! 🇦🇺
💬Will you be there?
EHPlabs is coming to the Sydney @ausfitnessshow!
💪Meet and train with your favorite EHPlabs Athletes
🎁Competitions and Giveaways
👕FREE Expo-Exclusive Merchandise
We made our expo debut five years ago in Sydney and we can’t wait to celebrate our anniversary with the Sydney EHP Family!
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Looking to add something new to your back day?
Here are six of Courtney’s favorite back exercises!
💬Which one of these exercises is your favorite?
What’s is Courtney’s shaker?
#BeyondBCAA of course!
If maintain peak performance for longer and speeding up your recovery sounds good to you, it’s time to add #BeyondBCAA to your gym bag.
#TeamEHP @courtneydolyn 
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Congratulations to EHPlabs Athlete Robbie Frame on his Top 10 placing in the Pro Fitness Model Division, at the #WBFF LA PRO/AM over the weekend!
⭐️ As you can see, Robbie brought a phenomenal package for his Pro debut and the EHPlabs Family could not be prouder of the effort and discipline Robbie upholds, not just through his competition prep, but years of training. 🔑 The results are always exciting but taking pride in the process is the key to sustained success.
Got a competition coming up or just looking to take one step closer to your fitness goals?
👆Hit the link in the @ehplabs and join #TeamEHP!
#competitionprep #wbff #wbffpro #wbffprofitnessmodel #wbffla
Sometimes, you have to improvise!
😁 Remember, Rule No.1 of your fitness journey should always be to have fun! #TeamEHP demands you enjoy yourself!
Need help finding the stack that can take you to the next level?
👆Hit the link in the @ehplabs bio today.
@maxthebody @katyaelisehenry 
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