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Summer summer summertiiime👌🏾
Familia 💕
There is no one in this world who could embarrass me better than this man. He would come to my soccer games running up and down the sideline yelling at me to “Put some stink on it!” More often than not, it was pretty obvious which black girl he belonged to. I remember trying to convince my mom not to let him come on many occasions or going to restaurants and shrinking away at the attention he attracted. He said exactly what he thought at all times.

I can’t think of a time when he actually called me Elani. It was always “Beautiful” or “Renee”. He was the first person who made me believe I was.

He was hilarious, unfiltered, problematic, ride or die, brilliant, loving and sensitive. He was one of those cool grandpas. Not the kind that gave you candy and toys. The kind that most likely involved something illegal.

I didn’t know him in the earliest years of my life and when I think back over the last few, I am so thankful for these memories. I hope he knows how important he was to so many people and how much we loved him.❤️
I’m getting really good at traveling and having one photo to show for it 🤙🏾 If only I’d had some white socks
So proud of you Brookey and happy I got to spend the weekend with one of my best friends in her new city! Here’s hoping to being closer in 2018!
Happy 23rd birthday and congratulations to my baby sister!! 🤗👩🏾‍🎓#ucgrad17 (This was also the moment we realized we don’t look related)
This picture was taken post tears lol. Trying to mentally prepare for this one moving to Spain in a week 😫Soon to be the last man standing...its time to go.
Throwback to an amazing time this past weekend at Afropunk with my ❤️s and wishing I was still there! 📷 @kaypasa_ @shonthebomb
I am so thankful I got to be a part of such an important day in the lives of two very important people. It was so great spending time with people near and far to celebrate the love of Erica and Ravis! 💜#travelingdowntheaisle
When you only manage to take 4 photos during a 4 day trip 🙄#ericasnolabash #nolababy 💜