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watch out, the world’s behind you.
📍san diego


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always a pleasure, seeing miss del rey 🌹
i explored more of the city in the last three days than i have while living here 😩🌁
HAPPY BIRTHDAY QUEEN 👑🥂clink clink b*tch
davis party time 🥂
ladies picnic at the beach 🥗🥤🌊
hello 2018, can’t wait to experience all the new journeys that are yet to come. 🍸💥
coronado, i love you! ☃️🎅🏻♥️
can you believe i flew all the way to the bay area to see taylor and all my favs? LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO TAYLOR.
there will be no further explanation, there will just be reputation. 🐍 hiss hiss bi*** 👑
hello pretty sky 🌆🌥
perhaps hopeless isn’t a place, nothing but a state of mind 🦋
but this feels like, like the calm before the storm 🌹