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Superset 4.0 *Ropes (up is squat position and down is knee positions) - 15sec up/15 down, 15sec up/ 15 down! 
No break, right into next movement. *Back extension with DB lateral raise at the top - 15reps
Rest 30sec between sets - 4 sets
Happy Monday! Believe IT!!!
Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend! It's time to get back in it and put in the work! Self growth and self motivation is key! Set small or big goals for yourself and a game plan to achieve them! Life is what you make it and nobody will hand it to you! You must go take what you want and become the best version of yourself! Here one of my favorite back superset! Remember to contract every muscle throughout the movement and control your form!
~Power Circuit!!
•Weighted heavy bag work / 1min
•Power cling squat/press, Barbell squat and Barbell split squat / 3reps
•Weighted heavy bag work / 1min
~Rest - 90seconds / 5 rounds ~Each round add 1 minute to your bag work, 3reps to each exercise and 30 seconds to your rest!! Start with a weight that is challenging but you can eventually Rep out 15 times in each movement. I started with 115lbs! If you feel like adding additional challenge add another 10-20lbs to your weight exercises💪🏾💪🏾💥
💥Body Blast 4.0(back and shoulder focus)💥
•Assisted pull-ups /20reps
•Elevated plank knee tuck with lateral lift /15reps each leg
•Seated overhand row /12reps, 50lbs
•Back extension with plate /20reps, 25lbs
•Assisted typewriter pull-ups /15reps
Rest - 90seconds
💥Power Blast Series💥
*Elevated TRX Back Rows-15reps
*Tire Flips and Sledge Hammer-4reps/5reps each side
*Tire Touches and push-ups into tire plank-15seconds/10reps
Rest-60seconds first round / 8 total rounds!
*Every round add 30 more seconds to your rest!
*Also on round's 6,7,8 go to failure on TRX back rows, deadlifts and push-ups tire planks!
Throwback Circuit! •Frog hops w/clap push-ups / 10reps each •Bulgarian split squat hops / 15reps each leg
•Frog hop push-ups / 15reps •Bulgarian split squat hops / 10reps each leg
•Barbell squat hops / 20reps
Rest 2 minutes / 5 rounds (last round go to failure on each movement!) All work is good work! My form slipped up in the leg movements and thats okay! None of us are perfect at everything! We must battle through negativity and frustration! Never give up and stay on the Grind! Your hard work will payoff in the end! Practices, Practices, and Practices!!
Stability Ball Saturday's! Here another one of my favorite super sets! *Kneeling Ball Dumbbell Arnold Press and Dumbbell Lateral Raise with Biceps Curls! *25lbs /12 reps set-1
*30lbs /10 reps set-2
*35lbs /8 reps set-3
*35lbs /8 reps set-4
Resistance Battle Blast💥 8 Rounds💪🏾💯
•Hex Bar Farm Carry w/sled pulls-50yd/135lbs
•Unstable Hex Bar DeadLifts-12reps/225lbs
•Weighted Vest Sled Sprints-50yd/100lbs
• Hex Bar Bent Over Rows-15reps/135lbs
•Hex Bar Stiffed Legged Deadlifts-12reps/225lbs
•Hex Bar Farm Carry w/sled pulls-50yd/225lbs
Rest - 2 mins
Pre-game setup for boxing 🥊 class.  Always ready to Rumble!!
Happy Thursday!!#eliteaxissf  #fitfam #healthylife #active #abs ##beastmode #fitspo #eatclean #health #instafit #fitnessfreak #foodgasm
Another successful boxing class I had the other day! Had so much fun teach some beginners how to box! They picked it up so quickly and had fun doing it. Here we are  doing some mitt drills! Also want to give a big shout out to @fit_pros_on_location  for making it possible for me to work with this group again! You guys are amazing and happy to be apart of the team!! If looking for some private lessons or wanting to do a group class, hit me up on my DM! Have a great weekend! LEGGO Mayweather👍🏾💯