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What do you choose?
Don't listen to the Haters! Be the Light!!! Superstars aren't made over night! Stay the course!
*Barbell band roll outs!
4 sets/12-15reps with 5sec. holds with each rep! *Then do 15 burpee
*Rest 30 seconds / then repeat!
Body Blast 1.0
4 Rounds!!
Dbl Kettle Bell Goblet Squats Hops-25reps
Decline Dumbbell Press-20reps
Dbl Kettle Bell Goblet Squats Hops-25reps
Decline DB fly into single arm fly-10reps each 
Rest 90 seconds
Increase weight on decline press and decline flies by 5lbs, every round! Start with a weight that is easy for you too Rep out 20 times. My start weight was 45lbs for Press and 30lbs for Flies! Kettle bell weight for Goblets should be light and you are able to explode with intensity and speed. About 10% of your 1rep max. So I started with 15lbs KB!! LEGGO 💪🏾💪🏾
Here one of my rock star clients finishing up a set of plate press crunches! Showing off her definition in her shoulders and upper back region! All of her hard work is paying off👍🏾💪🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾!! Love it😁!!
Lunch time salad after crushing it at the gym! Just finished whipping up an apple vinaigrette! At least when you make your own dressings you always know what's in it. Got to stay away from that high corn fructose syrup! It's always a few healthy organic salad dressing you can buy, but most have no flavor😉
Drop Set Body Blast Circuit!
Start with 12reps each exercise, then 11reps, then 10reps...1! Keep working until you drop down to one. No break at all through the entire circuit. Push yourself through each exercise with high intensity and time the entire thing. So next time you do the circuit you will have a time to beat. Your upper body, triceps and legs will feel it once you get halfway. So if you need to adjust your box jump height that's okay. But at least try to make it halfway before you lower the height any! Also on your Triceps Press use a weight that is about 30% of 1 Rep max. By the end of the drop set you will have rep that weight over 75 times!
Power Series💥
*Round-1 (Do as many as you can do in 15 seconds)
-Cable Triceps Press - 40lbs
-Deep Barbell Squats - 135lbs
-Cable Triceps Press - 45lbs
Rest - 30 seconds
*Round-2 (30 seconds/ max reps)
-Cable Triceps Press - 50lbs
-Deep Barbell Squats - 135lbs
-Cable Triceps Press - 55lbs
Rest - 1minute
*Round-3 (45 seconds or failure)
-CTP - 60lbs
-DBS - 185lbs
-CTP - 65lbs
Rest - 90 seconds *Round-4 ( 1 minute or failure)
-CPT - 70lbs
-DBS - 185lbs
-CPT - 75lbs
Anyone can do this workout. Start with a weight that is light enough to power through each exercise! If you're Cable Triceps Press max weight is 50lbs. You should be starting with 15 or 20lbs. On your squats I want you to break parallel, to help assist that put a ball behind you and touch the ball every time. Start with a weight that is about 30% of your 1 Rep max! Then on last 2 rounds increase by 50 lbs! If that is too challenging for you, start with 20% of your 1 Rep max! You will love the burn and pump you get in your arms. Your legs will love you tmw and the next day. Stay focus and remember to have good form, regardless that you are training for power. Most people lose there form a bit once you speed up the intensity! Let me know how it goes and how you feel after this series! I love the grind!
It's also important to have a well balanced life. All work and no play is never good for anyone!! A reunion with the fellas!
Here was another fun and successful bootcamp!Much love and appreciation to @fit_pros_on_location, who made this all happen for me. Love working with you guys and all that you have done for me. Such a great time meeting amazing new people and working with them on their journey of living a healthier and fitter life!
What's you Goal? Right down who you want to be!
*Leg Blast - 4sets
Kettle bell deadlifts - 25reps (high intensity)
Stiff-leg deadlifts - 30reps (high intensity)
Kettle bell goblet squats - 25reps (high intensity)
*Rest - 2 mins after first set and add 30 seconds rest after each additional set! * Also after each set add 5 more reps to each exercise!
*The weight you use should be slightly challenging, but enough that you can power through the high reps!
* I started with 50lbs KB and 135lbs barbell!
*Legs will be crushed after, but feel great!!! LEGGO💪🏾