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Certified HDi 3D Nano Brow Technician• 3X Certified Asepsis/Blood Born Pathogens 💉Medical Skin Practitioner, CLT
Certified Yumi™ Lash Lift Tech


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Some Fullness and Depth for one of my Favorite Boss Babes @ellecoink #ellecoink #nanobrow •
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It Doesn't Get Better 👀 Espresso ✖️Choc Mint ✖️ Chai @ellecoink Fuel For My Next Antics 📈📊
Those eyes doe 👀 @ellecoink #ellecoink #yumilashes #yumilashlift
Christmas in July 💉💉💉 @ellecoink #ellecoink
All Natty 👀 @ellecoink #ellecoink #yumilashlift #yumilashes #vancouver #yvr #cosmetictattoo #lasertech #paramedicaltattoo
That Summer Flow ••booked thru summer but space available in September! 🏖 Get no-makeup summer ready! #ellecoink @ellecoink •
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It's Lash Season #yumilashlift lasts the longest and are completely safe for the delicate eye area! Results last 8-12 weeks and are very low maintenance! #yumilashes #ellecoink @ellecoink
ѕ υ м м e r ғ o r e v e r •• summer now booked• accepting bookings for September - limited availability for Vancouver! Secure your space! @ellecoink #ellecoink
No makeup needed ✖️ @ellecoink #ellecoink •••currently booking into September for Metro Vancouver •••travel notice September - Whitehorse 📍 Waitlist currently growing so if you'd like me to book you in for September get in touch! #ellecoink
ѕ υ м м e r • v ι в e ѕ •
Pool season perfected #nanobrow ••now booking into the end of August!/ early September! •••Certified Medical Aesthetics Practictioner/ Certified Medical Laser Tech, CLT / Certified Nano Brow Tech / Three Times Certified Infection Control / Certified Yumi Lash Lift •• Make sure you know your tech's credentials! Some of us out there pride ourselves off all that hard work in continuing education so we can bring the highest quality of care to the medical aesthetics world 💉 I happen to know my ish when it comes to this 💉 @ellecoink
Client shown here before her touch up. Retained almost all of the pigment after only one visit. Typically with darker skin types or oilier skin types you can expect less pigment to hold true in the skin. For this client she had had tattooing before but she explained it never really held properly and it healed to look faded like the above photo in the very beginning done by another tech. We were both impressed to see how well she retained after just her first appointment with me! Congrats on your nuptials love! You're going to be a stunning bride 👰 😻 @ellecoink #ellecoink •
Booked almost all the way thru June! Get in touch for cancellation list or to schedule your spot nearing the end of June! Get that no makeup makeup look at the beach and pair up the Yumi™ lash lift + brows! #yumilashes #yumilashlift
Now Officially Distributing Eyenvy 👀 Clients just LOVE this product. Me included! 🙋🏻 A No-Side Effects Way Of Actually Lengthening Your Lashes @ellecoink #ellecoink