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More LSAT logical reasoning notes 📝 #GoodNotes
I usually read a lot during the summer but studying for the LSAT has been taking most of my time
Some notes on the Basics of Logical reasoning for my LSAT prep
I love this phone case 😍
Some biology notes about stress 📝
I finally received all my LSAT prep books and I'll be taking my diagnostic test tomorrow. Hopefully, my score won't be too bad
Sorry for the repost(again) I had some problems posting the second picture 
My exams are finally over! But this summer will not be much of a study break since I have to study for the LSAT
My biology flashcards (again)😊my final is next Friday 😶
Some sociology notes 🌿
Some messy biology flashcards// A lot of people say that the pilot G2 (0.38) and mildliners didn't smudge together but when I use it the ink always smudges even if I let it dry for hours☹️
I am finally posting again! ((: (sorry for being so inactive(again)) I had two essays due this past week and finals are just around the corner
I hope you guys are having a good Monday! 😊 
All I have been doing lately is read on Martin Luther King for an analytic essay. I tried to get as much books as I could at the library and got this one, but i just realized that it is a fictional story based on King's life