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United Arab Emirates
Fitness Manager at Gymnation

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Getting the old man to take a snap.
Uk summer vibes 🌤
Go check out the kings over at @twinzzcorp 
Killing it worldwide 🌎
Travel across the world and teach your experience to others. @gymnation_uae
With every dark day a bright one will come soon after that. Stay focused and and your mind healthy. 3 elements of health. - Mental
- Physical - Social
Build a community 💪
Just wanted to say a massive thank you to @race_coach_dubai for pushing me to put some time into myself and now I’m starting to feel good again 💪
As I move towards my 26th birthday I realize exactly what is important to me in life and how I want to be as a man, how much work I need to take on to achieve the life I want to live, what I want to own before I retire,who I need around me that only add value, conversations that interest me, places I want to go, time I need to invest, reputation I want to uphold. 
Dubai has taught me so much and I love it for kicking me in the teeth and then booking me in for a full set of veneers, crashing my rented Kia and then putting me in Maserati GTS. Have a vision and take every punch as a step closer to success. 
alhamdulillah 👁
Mia ❤️