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Awalnya ketemu Abun pas interview aslab, dan ga kenal bahkan ga tau siapa namanya, dari kelas apa, dan angkatan berapa.
Tadaaa.. Waktu interview HMJM ketemulah dengan dia, well.. First impression adalah dia anaknya cuek dan rese.
Akhirnya masuk HMJM dan bisa berkesempatan kenal Abun lebih lagi, ternyata gue salah. Gue salah banget.
Abun, orangnya care parah! Sangat bisa menenangkan ketika lagi sedih, dan pastinya lucu..
Hari ini ketika acara internal day, gue bisa tau kalo secret angel gue adalah Abun.. You are the real angel, bun!
Sorry kalo hadiah gue adalah boneka which is ga sejalan dengan gender lo, gue cuma berharap boneka ini bisa selalu nemenin lo dan mengingatkan lo kalo gue selalu sayang sm Abun!
Goodluck Kadiv Akademik! 
With love -elaine-
Udah lama gak selfie, sekali-sekali gapapa yah? πŸ˜‚πŸ‘»
Hello guys!
It's D-1 to the CLOSE REGISTRATION of Fashion and Attitude in Business 2017!
Have you registered yourself? don't miss a chance! .
Who do you think OUR SPEAKERS will be? Here you go!
-> Carend Delano - Indonesian Famous Stylist and one of @betterandbetterbook 's authors
-> Rachel Octavia - General Manager of Fashion TV  and also one of betterandbetterbook's authors
-> Clint W. Tetelepta - Research and Curriculum Director of Choky Sitohang Public Speaking School and Independent Management & Financial Consultant
-> Johan Jang - UPH lecturer in Business and Communication and also Public Speaking Coach .
This event is open for UPH and PUBLIC!
Date: Saturday, February 4th 2017
Time: 4.30 P.M
Venue: Pullman Central Park
For registration: 
please fill this form bit.ly/FABregist 
At Lobby F, until 20 JANUARY 2017
Benefit that you can get by joining FAB 2017:
1) Pullman's Dinner
2) Photobooth
3) Official Table Manner Certificate
4) FAB 2017 Certificate:
-Management 2015 & 2016 = 10 credit points
-Management 2013 & 2014 & Non UPH Management Students = UPH Certificate
5) Our special speakers!
For more information, contact
β€’ Isabella Alvindi
(LINE ID : bellaaalvindi - 08990410929)
β€’ Jessica Annasthasia
(LINE ID : jessicannasthasia - 081272755608)
#FAB2017 #FashionandAttitudeinBusiness #HMJMUPH
Not so lonely coral 🎁
#pandoraorigins #pandoraexperience #escapegamejkt #mallalamsutera
Business Week 2017 proudly presents

CUBIC 2017 (Creativity and Uniqueness based Business Idea Competition) for senior high school students around Indonesia. CUBIC is an event that encourages the younger generations to be more creative and unique in developing ideas for future businesses.

BTS 2017 (Business Talk Show) is open for public. With the aim of becoming a source of information for people interested in the field of creative industry, BTS is an event where young adults are able to gain knowledge and learn firsthand from the experiences of the guest speakers that has come from various different backgrounds and whose work have made a contribution to Indonesia's economy.

Registration for CUBIC 2017 is available on bit.ly/RegCUBICBW2017 starts today until  February 28th 2017. Registration for BTS is available on bit.ly/registBTS which is open from January 23rd to March 24th 2017.

Join us and get ready to unravel the world of creative business in Indonesia! #CUBIC2017 #BTS2017 #uphbw2017 #uphbusinessweek #BePassionatelyCreative #hmjmuph

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Everyone has their own superhero, i have found mineπŸ’™
Go find yours :)
Dear alarm, thanks for making me like this 😳

Alright Good morning everyone! Have a great day πŸ’•
Family gathering(?) yes i'm ready πŸ’•
Best of 2016!
Thank You, and welcome 2017 😊
Sisters! 😘
I may not be smart in expressing my feelings, well let me try.. Eventhough we are not all blood related, i do really love every single you πŸ’•πŸ³