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Pretending this was today cause I’m stuck inside 😭
Jumping into the new semester like 🤪

So excited to be able to layer for what feels like the beginning of fall (for now). This light trench coat is one I’ve thrifted a couple years back and it’s still one of my favourite pieces!
The best part about new seasons is bringing out the clothing you’ve had stored away. It’s a great way to rediscover your clothes and avoid unnecessary shopping!
The average person only uses 30% of their wardrobe, I’m sure I’m guilty of this also. Try shopping your own closest - pairing and wearing items you haven’t worn in months to give your closet a refresh! 🍂
Monday’s mood ☕️
My colour palette 💫
I’ve been stealing Alem’s striped shirt for the longest time but I finally bought one from @everlane 🌱So excited to see how it compares!
I’ve been slowly trying to purchase clothing I love to create my ideal fall capsule wardrobe. I’ve found pieces that make my morning decisions easier and know I’ll wearing for years to come!
Happy Monday! 🌿
Lately I’ve been a pretty busy gal! Sometimes I feel like there aren’t enough hours in a day to complete the things I want to, but I’ve realized a lot of it has to do with time management.
If something is important to you, you’ll have to make it a priority. I’m trying to avoid waisting hours doing mindless activities that won’t benefit my future self.
Instead of binge-watching Netflix I’ve been trying to listen to podcasts while I work and I’ve found it’s increased my productivity and overall motivation to create things! Which is definitely saying something cause I’ve been in a design rut this summer.

My current fav is @mattdavella The Ground Up Show 
If you’ve read this far, how do you stay productive/ what podcasts have you listened to? 
P.S this croissant was 10/10 and I love this thrifted purse
Just me and my fav person ❣️
Be easy on yourself 🌾
Can’t go wrong with a t-shirt +a good pair of Levi’s
Slowly switching all my makeup over to natural alternatives, and also cutting back on my makeup routine + collection🌿
I finally bought the @elatecosmetics bamboo palette! The best part is that’s it’s magnetic allowing you to place your shadows where ever you want. I’ve depotted some of the shadows I already owned but will be replacing them with natural ones whenever I need to (testing some of their samples now). So happy my highlighter, blush and shadows are all in one palette!
Many of their products come with bamboo packaging but replacement pans can be bought separately, reducing the amount of waste you consume! —
These are some of my fav natural makeup products 💗 - Burt’s Bee’s mascara (dark brown)
- Elate concealer (fawn)
- Burt’s Bees lipstick (suede splash + sunset cruise)
- BLVD Bamboo brushes
“Tried to come up with a clever caption but what’s the point?” - Alem 
Wish I could fill my whole apartment with plants 🌿
Wishing I was in Paris but this cafe will do ✨
In order to reduce your one use plastic try bringing your own reusable coffee cup or thermos when you go to cafes - or anywhere really
I’ll admit sometimes I forget but it’ll soon turn into a habit🌿