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Tried to take a pic and I guess a nice piece of trash flew bye. Just another reason to reduce your waste!
I find to-go containers, cups and bags to be the most common waste I see in the city- Most of which cannot be recycled (majority of cardboard cups are lined with plastic too!)
I’ve recently purchased the Stojo collapsible cup which is super convenient to bring in my purse. So far so good 🙌🏼
Planning on doing a blog post about less waste on the go!
This was taken when I was able to get a good nights rest, didn’t have a million assignments due on top of looking for an internship, and my skin was nice to me. Oh how times have changed 🙃
My environment has a huge impact on my overall mental state. When my space is organized, clean and calm so is my mind (for the most part).
I’m really pleased with my wardrobe at the moment and have  downsized to a reasonable amount for my lifestyle. Having a smaller refined wardrobe means Loving and wearing the clothes you do own, again and again!
If you need help planning your outfits or trying new pairings, I’d recommend the Cladwell app! It’ll generate new outfits or let you plan for the week ahead and gives you an idea of what clothes you own/ wear most often!🍂
If you couldn’t tell by now I have a thing for neutrals!
I’m debating on trying the fall 10x10 challenge🍂
If you haven’t heard of the challenge, you have 10 days to create outfits consisting of only 10 pieces of clothing. It’s a great way to see what it’s like to have a more curated and minimal wardrobe.
This was before I needed 5 layers to stay warm ☀️
Slowly but surely decorating our new place🌿 so happy with this beautiful piece we brought home today. There’s so much more character in used items!
Hey fall👋🏼 nice to see you again
So happy to be able to finally layer again. I’ve been building my fall capsule to incorporate beautiful neutrals and warm tones. I’m starting to love (and wear) the majority of my wardrobe now🍂
On a side note, this season I want to start posting more outfit photos and eventually create more content for my blog! There I said it! Now I have to hold myself to it.
Thankful for you
Pretending this was today cause I’m stuck inside 😭
Jumping into the new semester like 🤪

So excited to be able to layer for what feels like the beginning of fall (for now). This light trench coat is one I’ve thrifted a couple years back and it’s still one of my favourite pieces!
The best part about new seasons is bringing out the clothing you’ve had stored away. It’s a great way to rediscover your clothes and avoid unnecessary shopping!
The average person only uses 30% of their wardrobe, I’m sure I’m guilty of this also. Try shopping your own closest - pairing and wearing items you haven’t worn in months to give your closet a refresh! 🍂
Monday’s mood ☕️
My colour palette 💫