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Bigger. Bigger than life.
Can’t sleep, randomly woke up thinking about you. We miss you, more than you’ll ever know.
The book then carries on through to the two shows on June 10th.
The Madison Square Garden book from FTD. The book begins with a write up about the press conference and then the first show on June 9th, 1972.
How atmospheric. San Diego, April 26, 1973.
Elvis in the Blue Nail jumpsuit, my favourite. These are from January 1972 at the Hilton.
August, 1971.
MGM Lot, 1970.
San Antonio, 1972.
Elvis with Police Officers Alfonso Canon, John Gallagher &  Michael Mangione. That night Elvis played the Spectrum in Philadelphia on 11/08/1971, & these photos taken before he changed for the gig. Mangione retired as Chief Inspector in 1983. His protective services to people like Elvis or Frank Sinatra was outside the usual routine.
Sammy Davis, Jr. and Elvis. Sammy loved Elvis from their first meeting in early 1958. 
And the respect was mutual, although there is the possibility that Presley loved Davis' rings more than anything 😉
Today's plan of action, listening to vinyls, watching films and hopefully reading some books to do with Elvis 🕺🏻