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All lighting 100% now!
Saving our small business ton of 💰money by pressing company shirts ourselves.
Finished! New cabinet faces complete with new LEDs for the mug (reader board not part of our deal). #elwellsignsource
Last weekend's project was a refurb of an old, 4-sided #sign for a longtime, local watering hole. The scope of work included new faces with custom #vinylgraphics, LED illumination, and a new paint job. 
Check out the original... The faces were done the old school way with routed acrylic glued to the acrylic face... classic!
Testing here at the shop before we install in a couple days. #elwellsignsource
Vinyl on glass, first surface application. #elwellsignsource
Just a couple of our fires... #elwellsignsource
"Burning in" / "aging" some Voltarc #NeoBlue glass. #elwellsignsource
"Burning in" / "aging" some Voltarc Clear Brite Yellow glass. #elwellsignsource