If at first you don't succeed, laugh until you do...

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If anyone wonders where I spend the majority of my time? It’s up here in the clouds, so instead of me reciting the safety briefing in Valyrian, I give you this setting sun over London instead to remind you that for the good and the bad “this too shall pass.”
a Sunday reminder.... ❤️ #altitudeattitude #🤗
I may not be able to be @bafta this evening... but from across the pond I am proudly wearing black in support of my sisters and my brothers who are helping to end abuse and impunity @RosaForWomen. 
Please click on the link in bio and donate with your heart. 💪🏻❤️
#timesup #endvaw #justice #equality #baftas2018
Dear New York, I am about to leave this very special human bean in your fair city, please take care of her for me as I’m coming back to get her..and the rest of that champagne we left to boot! ❤️🎯 🥂
#rosesblooming #greatestlovesofmylifeseemtohavegirlybits #nycnights
We are watching a show to send one year olds to sleep. I (the adult) was asleep before it ended... safe to say I am little spoon. 😴
This young man is the most exquisite human to have ever been made by the most excellently exquisite of parents (who are also there to keep you awake when taking care of their baby) 🤭
#godsonlove #❤️ #fillingupmylovequotafortheweek 
#howevershowsforbabysaretrippyashell 😳
The Brothers Size at @youngvictheatre is honestly the best piece of theatre I have ever had the pleasure of watching. EVER. If you want to feel don’t walk to this play I urge you! 💪🏻
#goodtheatremakesgoodpeople #bigbrotherlove  #tarellalvinmccraney IS A GENIUS. 🙌❤️🔥
@centrepointuk this evening has been magical for so many reasons @troymagician made that literal. 
The plight that so many young people face as a result of homelessness can seem insurmountable but tonight I met and heard about those incredible young people who made it not only possible to turn it around but soar and survive instead. 💪🏻🔥 @centrepointuk hella yeah. 👌🙌 #mindblowingcouragemainginspirationalhumans #❤️
That moment when you find your gold leaf baby (dragon)eggs..... at Kensington palace. 
#andapparentlytheirthronehasanalarm 😳
BUSTED.... hunting for gelato 🍧 through the mean streets of Roma, suddenly my security doesn’t look so scary after all...😂
#illbeback #watchthemrollmebacktolondontown #sugarmakesthatflightgofast
🥁......And not forgetting the dreamboats who took me from British Londoner to Italian Mamma for the weekend.... the LEGENDS that are @sammcknight1 @gucciwestman really making miracles happen! 🏆🎉💪🏻🔥
#redlipsandredhothair #grazieatutti #ifonlyicouldmanagethislookeveryday😎
In case you’re wondering....This is what COMPLETE JOY LOOKS LIKE.🙌 If there was sound you’d hear my heart singing. Roma you are my one and only.... it pains me to say arrivederci 😢
#❤️ @dgbeauty making all this possible🏆🙌💪🏻👌
OH BROTHER!!! 😍 Get an eye full of these babes, the last few Roman days have been fantastico thanks to these beautiful @morellibrothers and @dgbeauty... now the work is almost done we can celebrate that rugby 🏉 win.... 💪🏻❤️🔥
#wheninrome #behavelikeatourist...🤦‍♀️
So. A lovely man named Sam came round the other day. Sam’s second name seemed to be ‘Apple’ funny I thought, till I saw that Sam had brought me a gift. THIS ANAMOJI! ITS A DRAGON! WE CAN ALL BE TALKING DRAGONS! oh the joys. The freaky weird face recognising joys of modern technology. I do hope Sam Apple comes round again with more treats. I’m seeing a older brother Animoji in our future...? The pranks alone would be enough to render my job as little sister done. 
#apple #animoji  #newyearwhodis #🐲 #dragonfacethatswho