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Michael and I are both pretty confused why you’re not watching The Kominsky Method on Netflix right now!
Today I got to see a piece of my new Hallmark movie #ChristmasWonderland (premiering Dec 1st) which is cool on its own, but this is a video of me watching the montage where they used a song I wrote for my new music project @bluebiirdmusic in the film. Stank face provided by @babyneddy killing it on the fluegelhorn. This album is quite a departure from anything you’ve heard in the past (hence the new name) and I can’t wait to share starting early next year. Please head on over to @bluebiirdmusic for more updates on your new favorite jazzy bedroom pop album. Sorry the video is silent! Gotta make ya wait for it! SO STOKED. Thanks for the vid @srocinema! Tune into Hallmark on December first to hear #HoneyHeartbreaker 💙
happy birthday @devbostick ! you’ve been on my fridge for quite a few years now and we recreate this pose often! ❤️ #ThatOneTimeInPortland
Here’s a bunch of pictures of me having the time of my life last night at our Kominsky Method premiere. I’m so proud of this show and everyone involved. Not pictured: me sharing my mints with Ann-Margret. Some fun facts from my dad, the Chinese Theatre opened in 1927, Joan Crawford got an oscar there in 1946 which was the first Academy Awards after WWII. Star Wars premiered there in 1977 and last night someone very! very! important from AFI Fest told me we were the first comedy television show in history to have our premiere there (please hold while I fact check). It felt a little strange to be celebrating last night while wildfires are taking over southern California, half my team wasn’t able to make it because they were evacuated. Please take a minute to look online and see what you can do to help our local firefighters or where you can donate your time at shelters. Almost 90 percent of wildfires are caused by humans. Please tread carefully where you go and leave every place a little better than you found it. It’s a good lesson in general. Big thanks to @castillo_13 @nhinako_makeup and @aweisnerstyle for the glam, @nwkeyes and @dante_diloreto for being my dates! and my agent @jr_ringer for wearing a very soft sweater but sitting super far away from me. Please tune in on November 16th and let Michael Douglas and Alan Arkin make you laugh about how weird and beautiful the aging process can be. #netflix #thekominskymethod
coven #thekominskymethod
My dear friend and climate scientist @dr.nate.dogg founded a company a few years ago called CôVALENCE and asked me to prance around Elysian Park in some of their newest gear! @covalence.cc is made up of designers and scientists who create functional apparel for the modern explorer. Locally sourced from upcycled materials and hand-made in Los Angeles, their ergonomic designs are pick-pocket proof and enable you to seamlessly move between environments and outfits when traveling, hiking, festivaling, and dancing. (dancing was a big selling point for me) They’re passionate about the ability of design to help evolve the human ecological narrative. Surround yourself with people doing whatever they can to shape our future into good. It’s #FutureVintage. They’re driven to create outer wear that reflects your inner world. And they like having lots of fun doing it. For the doers, makers, and shakers. A lot of their products use recycled leather from airline seats which is very cool! Check out some shots from our shoot and their kickstarter campaign ( http://esociale.fnd.to/covalence ) I wear my balance bag harness everywhere and I love having two free arms to do with what I please. Purses were never my thing anyway. Love you, Nate!
HI FRIENDS! I had the pleasure of working alongside some of the best earlier this year on Chuck Lorre’s #TheKominskyMethod ...Watch Theresa attempt a little Sally Field from Steel Magnolias in this here clip stolen right from episode one airing November 16th on Netflix!! Mark your calendars! Write it on your bathroom mirror in sharpie and on the inside of your sleep mask! This show brought back memories of my own acting class days back at @sfstheatrela and it made me miss it so. #ImFine
you’re the future, act like it. VOTE.
walkin on a wire. safety second. really fun shoot today for @covalence.cc 📸 @dr.nate.dogg
can’t be bothered 📸 @leahshesky
game five and palm trees in my eyes! #dad