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monday hustle
This album still kills ten years later. When i first heard Friendly Fires I was on tour in Canada and had the unique opportunity to see them multiple times in 2010. They remind me of careless, free living pre college, pre heartbreak, pre adulthood. This album brings out the worst and best dance moves you’ve ever seen in your life. I also once found inspiration from their song Lovesick. ;) Highly recommended forever.
been dreaming you up for so long and now you are within reach. here’s a little taste of something not fully formed. just like you and me.
spider eo
☀️ 🍇
these are my gorgeous, strong, independent women who like to celebrate for no reason at all #winegals #sisters(miss you @ninarosecarlin @saravhughes)
d a n 📸 @mjambriz
rock and roll, baby @mondocozmo @danbynumsound @chrisnullllll @drewbeckmusic @andrew_tolman
we’ll do it live
It’s my sweet, sweet baby angel Mallory’s birthday today. I want to thank David Holden for casting some Australian chick in an ABC Family pilot called Young & Hungry five years ago. This girl and that show changed my life and improved my Aussie accent ten fold. Thank you for snuggling me so hard for the past five years. You’re made of pure gold. It’s why your hair is so heavy. I love you. I have so many photos of us being idiots so for your birthday here’s a bunch of us posing and looking 🔥 (mostly). @mallory_jansen
father’s day bbq for my two favorite dads on the WHOLE PLANET!!! (and mom!! haha)