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Please read: I love what I do. I have wanted to act for as long as I can remember and I just got lucky with modeling. Because I am just like every other girl out there. I have bad hair days, I wake up with earth shattering pimples from time to time. I have scars that all have a story to tell, but most importantly I am me.  And just like all other teenagers I like to use my social media. I enjoy sharing my good and not so good days with my fans that enjoy following me. I am extremely great-fullto you all. But then there’s the jerks who comment inappropriate comments. The pedophiles ( because that’s what it makes you) who so boldly comment in front of the world to see... well I see you and I acknowledge you EVERY TIME because I report you  and your profile every time . Because although i enjoy my social media idk about how many followers i have. I am 15 and it’s NOT OK. And usually I just report and delete but I wanted to let you all know it won’t be tolerated. I demand respect or unfollow me .  That’s the end of my public service message. Now carry on 😘❤️
Way back...
happy 20th birthday to my amazing sister and my best friend. I love you and wish you everything you hope for in life as I will always be there with you. would say hope ur day was amazing but i mean u spent it w me so;). xoxo 💞💓💗
When you wake up looking like a 🐩
Please pray for all the people involved in the fires. We’re not evacuating yet but we are safe.
Once upon a time...
Prayers for everyone involved. 😥#enoughisenough
Dr says not yet... 😞
When your foots messed up and she drags you Christmas shopping and they have no wheelchair.
Reality called ☎️ so I  headed to the beach.
I decide my vibe