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I got my puppy press into pinchamayurasana! bring on the full press! Light movement, light mind, light body. Conscious and controlled. No kicking or forcing, stabilising the body with strength. 🙏🏼
You asked for some second series so here’s nakrasana! If you think chaturanga is hard this will blow your ashtanga socks right off 😂Nakrasana the ashtanga chaturanga jumps! I used to only be able to do these with a baby momentum hop inbetween but hey it’s now been taken out 😉
#triangmukhaekapadapaschimottanasana the vinyasa in and out of the posture also. In ashtanga the vinyasas are just as important as the postures
Very much enjoying seeing my abs starting to come through! Today’s practice got cut short as my body needed to rest. Full primary up to kurmasana then the rest followed the half series. Hot salt bath, 30 min meditation then some sound healing & mantra. Practising ahimsa and being non violent to my body and always practising the other limbs of yoga as well as a firm grounding in asana. Looking forward to a full practise of intermediate series tomorrow, my body needs Kapotasana !
Weightless movement!! Finding control and lightness in transitions is something that I’ve always focused on, yoga is conscious mindful movement. This lightness in the body only happens when you’re practising the postures as a meditation, this is the highest practice of asana. Also, make sure you don’t get stuck in a yoga comfort zone and you keep growing , so you maintain the tapas that we practice in the second limb of Yoga the niyamas. Weightless transitions like this need a deep understanding and grounding on the bandhas, the internal energy locks in the body and again this comes from years of a conscious mediative practice.
Another day another practice
Energy levels felt like zeroooo this morning. 4 months without coffee, I always used to drink coffee before my morning ashtanga practice. Anyone use anything else? Natural and no caffeine 🌿
Having a play post practice 🌿
Finishing your 90 min yoga practice just whilst everyone is waking up and having breakfast is the best! Thank you @_martin_scott  for adjusting me into supta kurmanasana hands binded feet over head this morning 🙏🏼 classes with me today are 10.30-11.30am aerial 5.45-7.15pm hot yoga 7.30-8.30 warmed restorative! See you on the mats and in the hammocks 🙏🏼
Only one space left this week then I’m fully booked, taking bookings for next week & also next Sunday as a one off! Message now to book in 🙏🏼💛🌿
Finding my float
Bhujapindasana and kurmasana from my yoga practice today 🙏🏼 full ashtanga series with me tonight 7.15-8.45pm get yourself down for 90 mins of proper yoga 😉