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🇳🇬 Nigerian 👑. God. Family. Love. Happiness. Nurse. Future FNP.
Just Living Life 😘


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- too busy worrying about my own grass to notice if anyone else’s is greener. ☺️😘
- she was unstoppable; not because she didn’t have failures or doubts. but because she continues on despite them. ✨
- probably one of the best brunch places I’ve ever been too. everything was so good 🤗
- no one can stop what God already has set for you ✨
- your a diamond dear. they can’t break you 💎✨
- my love for food 🤗
- It's hard to continue to love in a world so full of hate, so make every attempt to make your impact a positive one 💕
- do you, you never know who your inspiring. ✨
- love who I am, but even more in love with who I’m becoming. 💕
- “when you’ve been through it all, blooming becomes a soft act of rebellion.”🌷
- 💕
- sometimes we just have to stop being so hard on ourselves. no one on this earth does, says or is perfect all the time. so learn to breath, learn and move on.