Emmy Rossum
When the weekend is just over your shoulder....
A little touch up @violetgrey #beatsbyviolet
Last night in @carolinaherrera by @wesgordon ❤️ for @violetgrey and #beatsbyviolet
Donald Trump just nominated Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. Trump promised to nominate an anti-choice justice, and that's exactly what his pick is. #RoevWade is at stake. We have to take back the Senate so Democrats have approval over Trump's nominees.
I made it!!! Arugula salad with farmers market cherry 🍅🥑 and 🌽. Wild halibut with @whole30 pesto!!
If I can do it, you can do it too. 

Salmon baked w @m_salt1 
Paleo pesto oven chicken (no cheese, just basil, evoo, walnuts, garlic, salt and pepper, lemon juice)
Crab cakes recipe by @thedefineddish
📷 @samesmail
While in Rwanda, @samesmail and I had the opportunity to see the gorillas in their natural environment. After hiking in the beauty country, we sat quietly for an hour watching as the gorillas ate, played and rested in the afternoon sun. We learned about the social dynamics and their language and the dangers these gorillas face. I felt a deep, instant connection to them. I am so proud to support the @GorillaDoctors working tirelessly every day to foster population growth and protect these magnificent mountain gorillas.
This photo was taken on a trip with @jojotakesaphoto. It was just after I learned I hadn’t gotten a part I had my heart set on in The Crucible on Broadway. I was very upset. Jo’s dad was an incredible support to me that weekend, as always. We laughed a lot and it cheered me up. Apparently we went boating, although I really just remember laughing in the car in a lot of traffic. We looked at real estate in the New York Times together, which is a past time I still love. Barry could make just about anything fun. We love you and miss you, Barry. Happy Father’s Day to the BEST.