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19 / Design Student / 49k
👻 emmyrosam
📍 Edinburgh/Australia
✉️ emmyrosambusiness@gmail.com


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Thank u to the best bf ever for the cutest kanken backpack ever 💛
Thank you for all the questions you sent me on snapchat!! If you missed out and wanna send me a q for a video, send me a message or leave it down below
🍂 (I made ross stop and wait for me to take this pic) #basic
Who’s seen my new video? 👋🏼 would much rather be back in Sydney with this one right now
hi hello I somehow managed to damage the tendons in my elbow (& get tennis elbow ?) so I’m currently in a splint and sling (lol) but I just uploaded a new video so you should go check it out!
I got a coffee machine for my bday, look how cute my lil coffee corner is ☕️💛
I went to chipotle today without her and it didn't feel right
I'm in London and my bday is in 2 hours so things are going pretty well
smoothie bowls are the best 🤤