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18 / Design Student / 46k
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📍 Edinburgh/Australia
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If u didn't see I'm posting my outfits/stuff I'm selling on depop over on @frehckly 🌊
Edinburgh needs to step up its game and open a few Acai bars 😍 gonna miss this
Lunch with 2 views (the beach)(&him)
It's 3am and I am officially back in Perth ✈️ exhausted 😴
Who's seen the latest upload? How I edit my insta pics is live up on my channel ✨
I love Sydney
All packed and ready for Sydney 😍🌊 it's almost 9pm here in Australia, what's the time where you are?
These headphones are so convenient and comfy 😍 If you wanna grab a pair yourself, use 'whatameloncutie' for 15% off @sudiosweden #SudioMoments #SudioSweden
Hello. I am in Australia. Enjoy this pic from the Edi botanical gardens.
I just finished packing for Australia & passed my driving test yesterday, so the rest of summer is bout to be lit for me 🤘🏼