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Looking for a career change? New Job? Study in 2017? We have you covered with the best advice, resources, flexible jobs and study options.


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Friday brings up all those feelings - the weekend is coming, relax, take it easy.  How about ramping it up for a change and making your Friday an amazingly productive one?  Go out there and earn that weekend!
When I set up Employment Avenues, I had a vision of connecting with mums, just like me, who had done some study in their early 20's, got a good job, and worked hard.
They were just moving up the career ladder, when kids came along. And suddenly, everything changed.
That job that fit so perfectly before kids, was suddenly HARD WORK. Racing out the door at 7am with tired, hungry kids to get them to childcare and drag yourself through the commute to get to your desk by 9am, is HARD WORK. Doing the reverse every night, torn between guilt at only getting 30mins to feed, bathe, read to, and put your kids to bed before starting it all over again is HARD WORK.
And that's if it's a good week, maybe mid-term, say Spring time, when the worst of the flu and hayfever seasons have passed, and it's not too hot/cold/daylight savings/full moon, so for one magical week, everyone is well and healthy.
Add in sports, birthday parties, curriculum days, festivals... and it all becomes overwhelming. And HARD.
We don't have any family around, there's no one who can pick our kids up if they are sick, or take them to sports, or even watch them while we go grocery shopping (or have a nap! I wish!).
There has to be a better way. A new way forward. My generation (the Xennials as we're now called) are more highly educated than ever before. Most people I know have post-graduate qualifications, and yet the workforce is still tailored to old ways of thinking and working - sitting at a desk for the 9-5.
It seems the main options are put up and shut up, or get out and lose your years of education and status to start again (or stay at home with the kids).
Flexible and remote working is the way of the future. Employers need to wake up and realise the wealth of skills, knowledge, talent, and opportunities that are on offer if they change their mindset and start to look at how they can keep and attract people like me.
Hey Gorgeous!  Go out there and SHINE today 😍💥🌟✨ you're a star.
Feeling lost in your career?  Employment Avenues has all the resources to help guide your way.  Whether you need a resume writer, help to find a flexible or remote role, careers advice and counselling, we have them all.

If you're a related business, we'd love to have you join us on our directory, get in touch today.
Jobs for Mums to the Employment Avenues Directory.
Sarah Hua from Jobs for Mums knows the struggle to maintain your position after returning from maternity leave. Having been on both sides of the recruitment process, she knows the untapped potential of mums who are looking for meaningful and fullfilling work, and helps link employers with mums who are looking for flexible work options.
Jobs for Mums is a dedicated website where jobs suitable for mums are advertised, providing the perfect marketplace for both mums who are looking for genuinely flexible jobs, and progressive employers who recognise the value that can be brought to their organisation by having jobs which are flexible.
So many mums strive to maintain their presence in the workplace. They are often highly skilled, qualified and have so much to contribute. Likewise, so many employers are realising the benefit of this target market as businesses are becoming more agile in their general operations, as well as in their recruitment approach.
In addition to the core function of job advertising, Jobs for Mums provides a knowledge centre for mums who are working or embarking on the return to work journey, through a unique support centre tailored specifically for mums. For employers, Jobs for Mums provides advice on strategies to capitalise on this untapped market.
Jobs for Mums is having a positive impact on society by providing a streamlined mechanism to facilitate and support the inclusion of mums in the workforce, in a way that is convenient for mums, whilst being convenient and cost effective for employers.
Jobs for Mums supports employers to create a more dynamic workplace in terms of flexibility, gender diversity and equitable and fair employee outcomes.