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Project Urjal by Enactus NSUT is here with its #LightALife Campaign allowing you to bring the joy of light in this coming new year to those who need it the most. 
As the holiday season begins there's celebration and merriment all over. It is a time when chilly mornings are met with the warmth of love and frigid, dark nights are illuminated with light. 
But not for all. There are those whose life and future are shadowed by darkness. Quite literally. So let's share some of the light in our lives with them.

A highly thought of initiative by Enactus NSUT, Project Urjal aims to provide such hard stuck areas with basic electricity supply to carry out household chores and live smoothly.

We present our solar-water lamp Urjal to you at the cost of only Rs. 350.

Message the undersigned for placing the order. Payment can be made through PayTM/Google Pay/Cash on Delivery. 
You'll receive the product within a week after completing the payment. 
Contact : Karan Jain(+91 7042049400)
Behold! The 6th edition of ASPIRE, The Annual Social Entrepreneurship Conclave of NSUT is here!

Join us and reignite your minds, to fuel your business and entrepreneurial temperament, to light the torch of positive social change.

"Calligraphy for me is the one streak of silver lining amidst the chaos of life. I believe words are powerful but it is the beauty of calligraphy that empowers them, shapes them, breathes life into them." - Mr. Anis Siddiqui

Enactus NSUT is delighted that Project Kitabat took another step forward and in association with "Puraani Dilli Walo Ki Baatein" had its first stall at the Jashn-e-Virasat-e-Urdu, the Urdu Heritage Festival which was held in Central park, CP. This stall was a great learning experience for our team. We displayed some very alluring pieces of work by our katibs and had fruitful results in sales and reach.

The Live calligraphy session by our beneficiaries, Mr. Shamim Ahmed and Mr. Anis Siddiqui (who is revered as the father of Urdu calligraphy) attracted a huge audience at our stall and received great traction, giving people chance to get words of their choice be inscribed in calligraphy.

All of us at Kitabat thank all our visitors and customers for supporting us in this initiative and helping us revive the artform. We would also like to extend our thanks to Mr. Abu Sufiyan and his NGO for guiding us and making this a memorable event. With new ideas in production lined up for the project, we hope to expand to new markets, cater to more customers and impact more beneficiaries through our project.

#EnactusNSUT #UrduHeritageFestival2018 #Kitabat #WeAllWin
When a farmer sows a seed, he sows hope that is nurtured by the sweat of his toil, the charisma of his skillful hands and the priceless duration of time spent taking care of his field. But even after weeks of sleepless nights, burdened under the anxiety of unpaid loans and uncertainty of his yield, all he reaps is dejection in the form of crop failure at the hands of the weather extremities.

To tackle all apprehensions of the backbone of our agricultural industry, Enactus NSUT presents Project Aahar- an initiative aimed at revolutionising the face of farming in India. Based on the emerging concept of hydroponics, this project promotes soilless cultivation of crops using water as the growing medium. All the vital elements are dissolved in a tub like structure without any requirement of land, thus opening new avenues for landless farmers to bank on. This also ensures that the produce is bereft of the toxic effects of soil pollution and is completely safe for general consumption. Cultivation can continue throughout the year and remains unaffected by mood swings of the weather. Additionally, this method uses only 10 percent of water as compared to the conventional technique, fostering the global vision of sustainable development. 
With Project Aahar, we hope to empower the lives of destitute farmers by providing them with an assured yield and an assured adieu to all their difficulties.
On the auspicious occasion of lights, happiness and prosperity, Enactus NSUT wishes you and your family a very happy and safe Diwali.

Today celebrates the victory of light over darkness, and we ask you all to use this light to create an awareness and celebrate an eco friendly Diwali.
It's that time of the year when your happiness becomes secondary to the happiness of those around you. With Project Urjal, give away a cost-effective solar water bulb to light up the homes of those who work year round to make sure that you live comfortably.

We at Enactus NSUT believe that festivals are meant to share your happiness with others. There's no satiation greater than lighting up someone's life. So this time we bring you this unique opportunity to light up someone's life by lighting up their homes.

Urjal is a solar water bulb which requires minimal making and negligible maintenance cost. These bulbs are created by unskilled as well as skilled workers, which are taught everything, from the basic electric circuitry to the assembly and installation of the product. This ensures a permanent source of income for the unskilled labourers and doubles the income for the skilled ones. 'Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that.' So let the dreams of the dreamers be illuminated through Urjal.

This festive season we bring you this with a special discount of 15% at the cost of only Rs. 349/- Message the undersigned for placing the order. Payment can be made through PayTM/Google Pay. You'll receive the product within 2 working days after completing the payment. Cash on Delivery is valid only for orders from Delhi, NCR.

Karan Jain:- 7042049400
One doesn't need light for dreaming. But realising those dreams can indeed be made less arduous through it. But the painful truth is that for some, light is the dream.

Project Urjal by Enactus NSUT is a highly thought of initiative with a primary aim to provide such hard stuck areas with basic electricity supply that allows for carrying out of household chores smoothly.

Kids in these slums use electric poles to do their homework or prepare for exams, while women are forced to work under kerosene lights or CFLs for which they pay a huge amount .

By installation of solar water bulbs which require minimal making and negligible maintenance cost, we can create an impact that will improve hundreds of lives. These bulbs are sold to the underprivileged at a very subsidized rate and are created by unskilled as well as skilled workers. The labourers are taught  everything, from the basic electric circuitry to the assembly and installation of the product. This ensures a permanent source of income for the unskilled labourers and double the income for the skilled ones. Alongside, awareness camps on saving electricity and reducing power consumption have also been conducted to raise awareness among the people. By the end of this year we wish to light up more than 200 houses, creating more than 20 entrepreneurs.
The life time of the product is almost 30 months during which they save more than 80 units of electricity!

The energy generated from  the solar panel must charge battery in an appropriate way. Thus, our implemented circuit regulates voltage and current to the battery with overvoltage cutoff facility. 'Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that.' So let the dreams of the dreamers be illuminated through Urjal.
"Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all." - Dale Carnegie.

The United Nations is one such organisation that has worked tirelessly towards creating a better world.
Every year the 24th of October, that is, the anniversary of the Charter of United Nations  is observed as International United Nation's Day to acquaint people with their aims and to commemorate all the success and achievements that the UN has had. 
As a group of passionate changemakers, on this day , Enactus NSUT urges everyone to identify the change-maker within themselves. Because sometimes, it only takes one.
The arrow advanced ferociously, tearing apart everything in its path. And with a thunderous noise,  pierced the impenetrable evil, incinerating it for good. Thus righteousness trounced evil.
The spirit of Dussehra or Vijaydashmi is such that it infuses one with valor and vigour to confront the ignobility within. To continue to strive even in the face of adversities. To firmly hold on to one's values, intent and belief. For our belief is our only ally that drives our passion to create a positive impact.
Enactus NSUT wishes everyone a Happy Dussehra.
The Enactus World Cup is an annual event showcasing the best social innovation projects created by the top Enactus teams from 36 countries around the globe. It is a great motivation for the members to take their projects to greater heights and make a long lasting, sustainable impact.

We wish Enactus SRCC all the best as they represent India at the Enactus World Cup 2018!
"Our task must be to free ourselves, to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and it's beauty"

Shedding light on the aforementioned, World Animal Day is celebrated annually on October 4 hoping to make the animal welfare movement a global one in the hope of making our world a better place for all animals.
It is a time to celebrate and appreciate our relationship with the animals that share our planet and the ways in which they enrich our lives.
Enactus NSIT celebrates this auspicious day keeping the special connection that unites us with animals and nature in mind.

An ocean of determination. 
A sea of empathy.
A torchbearer of peace.
The father of a nation.

Mahatma Gandhi was one who never shied away from problems. Rather , he had the grit to persist and find solutions. He showed everyone that all one requires to achieve success is to have one's heart at the right place. No hardship would then be big enough to be insurmountable.

As we celebrate the birth anniversary of one of the many geniuses to walk upon this land, we should reassure our motherland of our loyalty and devotion.

Enactus NSIT wishes everyone a very Happy Gandhi Jayanti!