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Organic. Pure. Effective.
Michelle Ornstein, for over 25 years
dedicated to formulating holistic skin care.
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From Manhattan straight to Take Back Your Health Conference in Pasadena. Couldn't miss this great informative event.  The amazing super mom Robin Shirley puts it all together for the past 10 years. Isn't her baby Olivia gorgeous?
Ok, my 30 minute break is almost over. 
Check out @tbyhconference

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Stunning sunset in Manhattan.  I will miss the great energy of NY.
But I'm happy to go back to LA and can't wait to step back into my lab and create new exotic skin care formulations. 
What I love so much about my job, which actually I rather call it my passion is that it never gets old or boring.  I just wish I had more hours in a day to focus on my creativity. 
How do you feel about your job?  Whatever you do in life, do it  with love and passion. You'll never really count how many hours you work in a week, since it will just become a part of you😄 
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It doesn't matter how many times I see Central Park, each time I'm amazed at the beauty.

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Amazing colors of the skyline. Hard to capture it all.  I have to admit that I'm not used to walking the streets in the rain and having my umbrella flip and break from the wind. But it's all a part of living like a New Yorker for a week. Tomorrow a new day in another trade show, exploring packaging. 
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After an exhausting day at a trade show, there was no better way to end the day then to attend a private party from one of our suppliers.  The view from the roof top was stunning. I just love NY, but what mystifies me  is how do you have one day 89 degrees and 63 the next?  I can't keep up with this weather, living in California has spoiled me.

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So happy to be back in NY for my yearly chemist and suppliers trade show, where  I'm introduced to the newest ingredients  in the cosmetic industry. I have to say that this show has changed so much in the past 25 years. Each year, I see more and more natural and organic ingredients which allow me to formulate highly effective skin care products.  Tomorrow, my first day at the show in Manhattan. I can't wait to share with you my experience. 
It's almost Mother's Day, give yourself or your mom a gift of Enessa's products. Take 20% off your order, apply coupon code "mom20" until May 11th. Our Anti-Aging skin care kit is a perfect gift which you can take with you on your next vacation. 
Took this picture at Pacific Grove, isn't it a stunning view? I felt as though I was inside a postcard. Sometimes we overlook the beauty that is so close to us, but if we hopped on a plane, drove for 8 hours, we would really appreciate what we see.  Since I travel a lot and have been to many countries, I must say that there is so much beauty here in the US and the California sun always puts me in a good mood😄

Where is your favorite vacation spot?

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It was great to exhibit with my hubby Steve at the NANP Conference, enjoyed meeting such great group of holisic practitioners.  Addressing our skin from inside out is the key. I had the opportunity to attend a lecture on microbiome and probiotics which was awesome. 
As you are aware, probiotics are a new trend in skin care and I choose not to incorporate them into our line since based on research, it will not give your skin any benefits since the natural preservatives that kill bacteria will also destroy the good bacteria from the probiotics.  Yes, it can sell a good story, but at #enessa that is just not good enough.

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Exfoliate your skin without any harsh chemicals. #Enessa's Seaweed Bio-Exfoliant uses seaweed, organic flaxseeds, Dead Sea salts, Lemon and Lavender essential oils to gently exfoliate your skin while leaving a clear radiant complexion.

For a spot treatment, apply directly on blemishes and leave on skin for 10 minutes.  Dead Sea Salts, rich in minerals will naurally disinfect your skin and help to dry out blemises.  Always, follow with one of Enessa's facial toner and moisturizer. 
Celebrate earth day and make a conscious decision to minimize the use of plastics and all non recycled packaging.  Enessa uses Miron recycled glass in all its facial products.  In celebration of Earth Day, use coupon code "ebeauty10" for 10% off the entire line. Check out our Turmeric Blemish Gel for calming irritated skin and balancing sebum. 
Had a great time exhibiting at the NANP Health Conference in Monterey.  Probiotics for gut health play a big part of glowing healthy skin.