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Not sure if I’m more excited about graduating or seeing my mom get drunk on 6th street tonight
Didn't get any sleep @ the camphouse but at least I got this pic
Matagorda has never, and will never, look this pretty again
Hey guys what's UP haha
In case you can't tell from our past two Halloweens, we love fast food 🐓
Spent 90% of this weekend in the car and 10% freezing in a field at 4 a.m. waiting for hot air balloons to go up in the air, but it was so worth it ✨
I only drink drinks exclusively in lightbulbs now 💡
Not even a hurricane could keep us away from NOLA ✨⚜️
Little Vegas babies 🍍🍌🍊
The newest member of the fam: Petunia. Also goes by the name Wiggles. Loves belly rubs. Slightly resembles a hippo.
Percy is a camera HOG *ba dum tsss*