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Entro Games makes fun, fast, easy to learn #games with lots of #strategy. Run by one-man team Chris Backe.


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Shoutout to Dice Cruise as one of the cooler looking prototypes I’ve seen all day #ukge #ukgeday2 #dicecruise #boardgames #boardgaming #bgdl
I mean, I hope not... #ukge has had a ton of fun looking games throughout the conference on day 1.
Getting packed for #ukge - these are just a few of the #games I’ll be pitching / playing while there. See you there?
Seen at a public park in #Tbilisi - the #chess board has some interesting wear patterns.... what do you see?
Adventure was my clue... #dixit which one do you think was my card?
High stakes #halligalli tournament at a board game Café in #tbilisi #georgia
Can your #game pass these five #design tests? Some ideas and solutions for considering your players and their environments: https://www.entrogames.com/2019/03/game-design-can-your-game-pass-these-five-design-tests/
Home to eleventy billion people, #Istanbul is one of the largest cities I’ve ever gamed in. Here’s where to #game in the gaming capital of #turkey: https://www.entrogames.com/2019/02/where-to-game-in-istanbul-turkey/
Wherever you are in your #game designing journey, #Facebook groups are a wonderful place to meet other designers, talk shop, ask questions, and be part of a #community. Presenting 18 places to talk about games and game design with people from around the world.
Where to #game in #athens you ask? As a #digitalnomad, I game in a lot of places, and that means I get to discover new places to game all the time. Here’s where to game while you’re in #greece.
1930: #boardgames #Prohibition. As a waiter in a classy #NewYorkCity restaurant, you're often asked if you know where to get some liquor. You sense an opportunity to make some serious money.
Fill orders, collect resources, and avoid getting Busted! You'll need to use the right Materials to fill each order, and some people demand the real thing. To win, be the first player to have three or more cards of each Resource: Automobiles, Connections, Personnel, and Protection. This is Bootleggers, my entry to the Gaming Like It’s 1923 contest organized by Boing Boing - https://itch.io/jam/gaming-like-its-1923
A little #centuryspiceroad action - that upgrade-your-spice upgrade quickly becomes less helpful as the board fills up! I’d go for the move-around-faster upgrade next time...