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Dark teal front door. What do you think?

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A special edition post for @james.hennessey.12 .
THIS is why you need six pairs of socks for a short hike. Who feels silly now? Eh? Eh? 😃

#hiking #silly #entropyemma #entropyemmablog #africa
#Fitnessgoals. Beginning my strength training to be a better climber. 
Inspired by the super human pull -up strength of @anna.davey
My house is a victorian miners cottage; so I want to bring back some character with a feature wall in the kitchen. 
So what do you all think, can I bring this filthy crumbling wall back to life?? With @totallykira

Very mindful activity.
Replacing garden slabs with original victorian flag stones,  repurposed from the old coal cellar.

Thanks to my guest star the very helpful @totallykira !

I always seem to have my behind backing into the camera, 🤦 my video editing skills leave a lot to be desired...
My hands are cut up, scratched, blistered, smeared in glue, caked in paint and chalk.

This week they've taken me lead climbing. Leveled up at the bouldering wall. Painted 6 coats in two bedrooms. Bashed down a wall. Cut skirtings. Cemented a floor and laid tile boards. 
A well earned rest for these mitts today.
Feeling strong!
That drill is surprisingly heavy, its given me war wounds.
Here is a video of me painting; with backing music to make the job seem v glamorous. 
I'm very tired.
''So what do you want to be when you grow up?'' ''Excited about my skirting board delivery!'' Said no child ever.

Doing some proper adulting today.
Second on the list of difficult things to do on your own: 
1.Carrying 25kg plasterboard
2. Turning over a bathtub without scratching it. I also managed to get it up the stairs 😂. Screw you health and safety!
Just what I need after a long run. 
Butter fried cod, tomato puree and avocado 'sushi'. Delish