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We are Envato Studio. http://studio.envato.com - Want your work to be featured on our Instagram account? Post a photo with #envatostudiostories


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Cait Maloney is an incredibly talented illustrator and artist at Envato Studio. Make sure to read her interview over on the Studio Blog.
Studio provider, MarieGardiner, is a freelance writer and photographer. She's an avid traveller and loves the lifestyle that freelancing allows her. If you want to learn more about Marie, read her interview on the Envato Studio blog.
What tool is indispensable to you when it comes to getting great work done? For Trialboj (recently interviewed on the Studio Blog), it's his trusty pencil.
The glasses help Dan to code.
Happy birthday @rilstix :D. We've started a new yearly tradition on Riley's birthday where we photograph him with thumbs up and a goofy smile!
Provider on Studio 'r4pro' illustrated caricatures of the (large) team at Envato who were involved with our big VAT project (finance stuff). The caricatures are stunning!
Our latest #envatostudiostories. Here is a shot of Studio freelancer @KonnstantinC workspace while he works on a project for a client. Check out his Studio portfolio of services here: http://studio.envato.com/users/KonnstantinC
Ben our product manager, hard at work.
Meet Laujimenez: designer on Envato Studio. Here is a snapshot into her life,  her #envatostudiostory: "Also near Bogotテ。, like 2 hours in car, you can find a place called "Represa del Sisga" with a dam that forms a lake..it looks like windows xp's wallpaper haha...incredibly beautiful! There are llamas, and clean air and relaxation!" see Lau's profile on Studio at http://enva.to/1dlvyol
Just a regular Friday afternoon in the office.
Meet our Ops team! Matt (@stoikyo), Pat and Riley (@rilstix)
Our new art wall in the office, featuring caricatures of the team done by various Studio providers.