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In the latest episode of @lic_india_forever presents #RegimentDiaries, learn about the oldest light infantry regiment of the Indian Army and fourth oldest overall, #MarathaLightInfantry. Soldiers from this regiment have been honoured with a host of gallantry awards and service medals. The Marathas have always been known for their dependability in war and peace. Regiment Diaries, Thursday at 10 pm.
Join Rohan Thakur, a young Himachali lad, as he sets off to rediscover his home and roots in this one-of-a-kind travelogue.  A journey of self-discovery steeped in adventure, music, people, and fun. Capture the essence of life and travel in #WayBackHome, today, 12 pm onwards on #EPICChannel.
Batukeshwar Dutt was an Indian freedom fighter who accompanied Bhagat Singh, when the latter threw bombs in the Central Legislative Assembly in New Delhi. While he could have escaped easily in the resulting mayhem, this courageous young man stayed and shouted slogans against the British Raj. Dutt spent his youth in Kala Pani because of his participation in the Quit India Movement. Today, on his birth anniversary, we pay tribute to this great revolutionary for his contributions to the freedom struggle.
A battle that has attained legendary status in the annals of India’s military history is the one fought in Rezang la , a pass at 16,000 feet in Ladakh during the Indo – Sino war of 1962.⠀
On November 18, led by Major Shaitan Singh Bhati, 120 jawans of the Charlie Company of the 13th Kumaon Battalion fought and killed nearly 1300 Chinese men in order to protect a small village of Chushal. ⠀
Major Shaitan Singh, crawled from trench to trench, personally motivating his men under withering fire even though he was himself wounded. The company suffered 114 casualties and finally ran out of ammunition, but these gallant warriors fought to the ‘last man, last round’.⠀
The brave heart Major Shaitan Singh was awarded the Param Vir Chakra posthumously for his unprecedented leadership, determination, and courage. ⠀
Inscribed on the war memorial at Chushul are the following lines⠀
How can Man die Better than facing Fearful Odds,⠀
For the Ashes of His Fathers and the Temples of His Gods.
In the shadow of Mount Japfu lies the fascinating state of Nagaland, a land of folklore passed down from generations, of music and dance, of warriors and heroes, and lovesick poets. Each of the 16 different tribes of Nagaland is absolutely enthralling in their unique culture, costume, and traditions. Explore the multiple shades of this exotic land, their markets, festivals, lifestyle and above all the joie de verve of the locals in this #EPICSpecial episode of #Nagaland - Songs of Japfu, Saturday at 3 pm, 5 pm, 7 pm, and 9 pm on #EPICChannel.
It happens only in India – it is a common refrain amongst us Indians, but often, we don't even realise the little things that can be attributed to being uniquely Indian! From cutting chai to dabbawalas, @edwardsonnenblick sets out to find the stories and meanings behind everything that happens only in India. #Indipedia, Wednesday at 9:30 pm.
Experience the joy that surrounds the Hornbill Festival of Nagaland. It has evolved from being a celebration of the heritage and traditions of the Nagas to a massive cultural event encompassing the entire northeast of the country. Don't miss the #EPICSpecial episode of #Nagaland: The Hornbill Festival, today at 3 pm, 5 pm, 7 pm, and 9 pm on #EPICChannel.
#Sharanam Season 1 now streaming on #EPICOn, available on all devices. Download the #EPIC On app from the #PlayStore or #AppStore NOW!⠀
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Ric and Keith continue their arduous Mumbai Xpress challenge. Their modest auto-rickshaw breaks down with another round of engine trouble. They, somehow, make it to Mangalore, beating heavy rains, potholes, and traffic. Their dramatic day ends on a happy note as they take part in traditional meals and religious processions, and seek blessings from Ganpati Bappa when they stop over at a small town. #HitTheRoad, India, Wednesday at 10 pm on #EPICChannel.
In the upcoming episode of #TheCreativeIndians, meet Mumbai-based graphic designer, illustrator, and founder of Bombay Duck Designs, Sameer Kulavoor. The extraordinarily talented artist is best known for his minimalist style and eccentric illustrations. Discover his extraordinary journey, Wednesday at 10:30 pm.
#KaalBhairav in Varanasi is a temple that holds great historical and cultural value. It is believed that His aura is so fierce that even death is afraid of it, and therefore, worshipping Him can wipe out any negativity from one's life. Soak in the divine energy of this holy site in #Sharanam Season 2, Tuesday at 10 pm on #EPICChannel.
In the upcoming episode of #Bharat - Rhythm of a Nation, @sadhguru shares some important insights about the freedom of our nation and its connection with our heroes at the border. He discusses the idea of independence and the concept of building a nation. All this and more, Tuesday at 10:30 pm.