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The 3rd Annual State of the school/PTA meeting #EagleExcellence
Please review this information regarding the Homecoming Dance before Friday! #EagleExcellence
7th graders are learning about Chinese achievements by learning how to make paper and how to make stamps with potatoes! #EagleExcellence #InternPost
Commander Gorski came to our school and spoke about what it’s like to be in war and other cool things, Choir sings, and our Principal Mr.Randal finishes off the Program #EagleExcellence #InternPost
Veterans Day Program to honor all of the fallen soldiers that gave their lives to fight for our freedom #EagleExcellence #InternPost
Speakers at the Veterans Day Program #EagleExcellence #InternPost
I almost forgot the wonderful Lady Eagles Softball Team! #InternPost #EagleExcellence
3rd game of the Pep Rally and The Pom and Dance Team #InternPost #EagleExcellence
News & Updates for this week! #EagleExcellence
2nd Part of the 2018 Elmore Park Middle Pep Rally!Musical chairs and Pep Band #InternPost #EagleExcellence
1st Part of the 2018 Elmore Park Middle Pep Rally! These are the Elmore Park’s Sports and dance teams #InternPost #EagleExcellence
Stay tuned for a big announcement coming soon!!! #EagleExcellence