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some belated screen caps from the Phosphorus/ dust/ evil eye performance 👁🧠💊
dying wt wipes blue with last years crazy colours@my stains / river of goodbyes 💦💧💦🕳
INTERSTICES- Terre Thaemlitz @autoitalialive 🌀🔥🍆
Always good when you match the colour scheme ✅ - Gullet, Julia Crabtree &William Evans
Slide from Yasmin Gunaratman’s talk: “questions of responsibility, guilt, rescission, repentance, and structural reform are turned into matters of empathy, generosity, and hospitality…The result is a veil of ignorance which…allows the white subject to re-constitute itself as “ethical” and “good”, innocent of its imperialist histories and present complicities"

Ida Danewid, White Innocence in the Black Mediterranean
Jade Montserrat speaking at the ‘What Should White Culture Do? Art, Politics, Race’ symposium
‘Drawing of the sun, art pencil’
Life in AdWords on the CRT
local currency
gazebo takes flight
Jean-Michel Basquiat- notebooks
couch jump dinner pic
Presentation by Eleanor Carless on the prison writings of Anna Mendelssohn- at Anti-Social Reproduction