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ladywell lifestyle tips
getting on bus with this not especially convincing fancy dress outfit/ hair, hoping it’s obvs I’m dressed up and not just unhinged
accidentally channeling some squatinternet moods with the ugly trainers and pink light combo
‘All of life is sufficing’
- Anne Charlotte Robertson, diary note, circa 1967.
Chief Complaint is open today, tomorrow and Saturday 1-5 at Almanac, London
(also I’ll be there on Friday, in case you fancy dropping by...)
back in the constructed textiles studio after a very long absence and I’m in heaven
shall I??? Shall I just *text him this*? YouTube obvs thinks I should be focusing on my flirt technique instead of my downward dogs
been at my temporary desk for 5 mins and already surrounded by 1m radius of mess
just found a bunch of photos I have no memory of taking that appear to be in Hyde Park at midnight. Maybe my phone went for a little walk without me 🤔
110 tabs 🤯🙈
Opening today @highlineartnyc 🗽🎥🌒 and on til  January 2, 2019

Machines of Loving Grace is an exhibition in video format featuring three artists who address contemporary and historical technologies and their eerie and shifting relationships with humans.

Daily, beginning at dusk
Chief Complaint is open today! 
1-5 pm at Almanac, 191 Southwark park Road 🌈