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sneaky peak
behold the only person stupid enuf to go for a jog at 2pm in Athens, while families shelter in the shade. Or maybe they’re admiring my newly developed lion’s mane 🦁🌞
a few snaps of the accidental street furniture/ abandoned infrastructure/ shop fronts that Athens excels in
hey folks in case you’ve been wondering what I’ve been doing holed up in Athens may I present...
please come and listen to all of them, 1st Oct at Almanac
hurrah I have a title for my show which means I can now advertise it!! CHIEF COMPLAINT @Almanac London is coming soon, very soon, so soon I should probably leave Athens...(that’s 1 October in real life terms)
??!! ‘We leave only the traces of our dogs in the park’

cant tell if this is some freaky guerrilla art intervention or a notice from the council
boobs print
Buying polythene by the kilo makes a lot of sense, especially from a colour-coded plastic bag vendor
making oily sweaty body prints & had no idea what a bloody mess coffee scrub would make, does anybody really do these? Imagine how long it would take to clean the bathroom up
local cat delegation in diagonal formation
brilliant photobombing by my dad 🍇😝
unashamed trip down memory lane with @eirinivour