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overly keen super early self promo msg alert! 
Coming up at the High Line NYC in October- Hot Readings (first shown @studio_rca ❤️) is part of a programme along w work by Aura Satz and Nat Castañeda
Driving back from the beach and stopped off at a karaoke night
Canadian embassy not taking any chances today
“star will be stars” 
I thought the Cycladic dialect was impenetrable, but this translation is...probably a bit off 🌟🤯💫 (thanks to @stimarpissa for the original text, which is all about folk uses of salt in Paros)
I have the whole salt cave and sound of washing waves to myself (this is ‘research’ for the project I’m doing in Marpissa, Paros)
 it’s kind of like a sauna with no heat and a weird nose tickle
just got this little pamphlet essay by @gabrielle_tuesday_ about the show “How does this make you feel?” @halesgallery - I like that she picked up on the bit where my dad and I laugh, as it’s sort of crucial (or maybe it’s just my fave bit anyway). 👀
World Cup meets world map ⚽️👀meets GOOOOAAAAALLL (and the most crap glitchy LCD screen, it’s like watching bootleg VHS tapes)
I really enjoyed this show of photos by German portrait and documentary photographer August Sanders, many taken from his project People of the 20th Century.
need some protection today? absorb some off this rubbing of an eye tama I got from an amazing church in Naxos- which, like most of them, was a temple pre Christianity, built on a site where 3 rivers converge 👁🇬🇷🌞
just being a pap for the night with these two VIPs
another snap from Friday courtesy of @hkaplinsky - I can now confirm that this is the expression i must’ve been pulling the entire way thru (my ‘singing face’= 😩)
didn’t get any vid but this set by XANA of live loops, vocals and layered beats was just brilliant