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This Thursday 8-9 @montezpress radio! 
I’m going to be presenting ‘Dust with sun and silence’, a collection of readings (pre-recorded) by Greek, Cypriot and Athens-based artists, writers and publishers Margarita Athanasiou, Eleni Bagaki, Theo Chiotis, Dolce publications, Ioanna Gerakidi, Evi Kalogiropoulou and Maria Toumazou
Adventures in St erme- electric bikes and lights going off in the middle of our night time walk
Charlotte’s amazing apple tart (masquerading as a ufo)
Cat helping itself to my glass of water
the end of Desire! Thanks so much to every friend who came (and for every friend who had to deal with the dramas in between...) pic by either Karen or Holly, not sure 🤔 😍
Scourti pet rescue service! For anyone who was concerned, I have reunited Pepper with her owners (who luckily didn’t comment on my inappropriate carrying solution) 💪🏼
Jupiter Woods turns 5! With some italo disco from Carolina and a performance by Rosa Johan Uddoh picd here
hair and make up and sweat
behind the scenes prop prep
NELMA picnic/ craft table in action! And there really was enuf food for seconds, and a takeaway
hard at work with Danielle and Soraya
Part One of Desire by Kathy Acker, day 1 in the theatre space, testing out live feeds and vocal channelling