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trying to take my own headshot is going well
couple ads feat. women with record players- and a dog- from the 1959 compendium of Eikones (Images) magazine
Spent my day at a sort of religious place on an ‘open reflective day’ trying to write an interview and mostly succeeded. Somebody quite literally prayed for me so maybe that shit works after all 🤭
New hair colours as salvation- I fall for it every time. 
From Sophie Collins’ small white monkeys 
Also seen how to spell cendre for the first time- in greek σαντρέ, the favoured colour of all home bleach jobs and the colour mine was sposed to be
“I don’t belong to my father
I don’t belong to my husband 
I want to be myself”

women’s day protest outside Athens university
banner by Dina Karahaliou [from this is not a feminist project]
it’s snowing in Athens!!
accidental art
this one wins the prize for most random object at the flea market
my first grade greek book about ‘the world around us’- includes money, the weather, why all the fish died and err some shameless nationalist propaganda about the war of independence
found this golden pic of me & @eirinivour as middle school mean girls
Happy new year everyone! Not that anyone asked but here’s a few of my rough sketches (edited from longer ramblings) for 2019 intentions
Ostria- To Telos tou Paixnidiou (1984) ghosts of a radical past haunt a free camping excursion