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laters, off to hand in my phone and start retreating 🙏🏽
p sure Agnes Martin wouldn’t have been a fan of mobs...
readin Martin Herbert’s Tell Them I said No just before going on a meditation retreat, will I come back having jacked it all in? 
Unlikely, but I lolled at ‘Leonard Cohen once remarked concerning his own time at a Zen monastery that nobody goes to such a place who isn’t already broken’- which is what I’ve been saying about for meditation for the last 7 yrs...
Daniella Valz Gen reading from her new poetry book Subversive Economies:
“I felt like myself and it scared me”
summer = matching with the garden furniture
just spent about half hour following a seemingly self-aware roomba round a gallery tying to get a pic (it wasn’t cooperating)
notes notes notes - @jamesbridle New Dark Age 👀📚✏️
hula hoop trio with @philomene.pirecki on Polaroid
new audiobook!  In Our Mad and Furious City, by Guy Gunaratne ‘an unforgettable portrait of 2 days in a London housing estate’ / spoken by
‘those with elsewhere in their blood’
I have a skeleton (and horse) for company while doing my artist talk in the life drawing room
scrolling thru my tumblr for the first time in years, found this pic and noticed the leg/ girlspread for the first time 😳
Why am I so immature