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night in the hotel ‘working ‘: tomato packaging doubling up as drink receptacle so I can imagine I’m at a shit gig with over priced beer instead of trying to write a residency application with no dinner
Off to Rotterdam to do a talk this eve @mfapietzwartinstitute - will be sticking around for a couple days if anyone wants to hang out
‘Everyone has a reason to pray’ - not sure if this is a good thing tho? 🙏🏽
only took me a year and half to get my ID card *and* they just told me staff don’t pay for printing, big mistake
Lorna Simpson, Unanswerables (2018)
Rain- Beatrice Loft Schultz @trixy_skulz at Interiority, Hunter/ Whitfield
found the greek cafe
Oh look it’s @aforathanasios on one of my paper scraps
Spill Sections is open today/ Saturday 2-5pm @studio_rca (and I’ll be here for a bit til 2:30 if you fancy a chat) ❄️👁🖥
next book: HER BODY & OTHER PARTIES by Carmen Maria Machado- short stories including The Husband Stitch (on loan from @helenahaimes)
SYMPATHY by Olivia Sudjic 
one chapter to go- a book that you only realise towards the end how disturbing it actually is bc the narrator seems clear-eyed/ cool about her own duplicitous and creepy behaviour throughout, like she’s the only sane one around- also good evocation of what could be termed Instagram stalking without it being treated as some novel wow narrative device (this is how I’m consuming books now- already in my 3rd so it’s *working*)
snow carpet outside my window ❄️❄️