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Gut Feminism by Elizabeth A. Wilson:
"The gut is an organ of mind: it ruminates, deliberates, comprehends" "In the past it was not uncommon—in the absence of actual family or genuine mourners—for people to be hired to sing the vespers for the dead. These people came to be known as placebos. It was from this idea of fake mourning that the word pla- cebo entered the medical lexicon to describe a sham treatment"
The all important beach selfie
The saints have spoken
Carved people receiving flora gifts
My work here is done! Today I saw two dolphins playing in the shallow water 🐬🐬- thought it was a shark at first - screen grab in lieu of pics 💦🌊🐬😄
aspirational free camp life part 2
People's names sprayed onto the abandoned houses- apparently for tax reasons
evening projection on the castle themed police station
the original waiter legend
a natural volcanic sauna in the rock face- complete with green crystals of unknown chemical composition
aspirational beach life
a very special volcano island