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last minute prep = processing papers down to scraps of white #bedbasedpractice
that’s the side of someone’s face FYI, was trying to be artistic
important toilet selfie/ hair update with added lipstick smudges
I need a haircut...and some sleep 🛏🧟‍♂️
LOST TO THE PHOSPHORUS Instagram edit (ie 1 min) of the performance I did earlier this’ll just have to imagine me grabbing your hands and drawing eyes on it and I don’t think it came thru in the pics!
PhD interview prep basically excuse to scribble w Sharpies over everything
Algorithmic Authenticity - presentation by Wendy Hui Kyong  Chun Thursday 14 Dec @icalondon w me doing some (hopefully not too star struck or tongue tied) responding
did more ironing this evening than I have in my whole life put together- wonda-webbing blue hair dyed wet wipes
finally discovered filters and trying work out which is the tackiest
Sophie in action last night (night, night, night) 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
not dyeing my hair (well, not blue anyway) but dyeing whole packs of wipes with last year’s leftover Crazy Colours -for a wall hanging
NOTE THE WAYS is on Cosmos Carl for the next week. It’s basically me really hungover and angry and reading unprepared thru all my iPhone notes (mostly just titles, even that took an hour) 
visit cosmoscarl.(something-?)