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up a mountain gathering herbs
bougainvillea dye ice cube experiment
‘One book opens another. The tears of Saturn form the wide salt sea. Salt is bitter and sad.’ Chroma, Derek Jarman 
thanks @rebecca.lennon for lending me this book!
summer listening part one: The Water Cure by Sophie Mackintosh - actually quite relevant to my research on toxicity
took 3 hrs of laptop file clearing apocalypse, but I found this pic from a few months ago that @philomene.pirecki took so it was all worth it
sunrise at Athens airport McDonalds
can’t believe I’ve never visited the chapel here- smell of bleach, sterile interfaith prayer room, plasticy orthodox icons and a creepy burnt out ikonostasio
pro packing- stuffed the oversize ice cube tray w my socks n pants
the last couple of weeks in voice memos
posting this again as I randomly included soem pics that were not part of’s some glimpses of Divine Cargo @southlondongallery with @keogh.sam @___sophie___jung___ @philomene.pirecki
last shot of my studio wall before pulling down all my scraps and leaving 😢
Oh Itchy!!!