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Thanks everyone for coming to @pumphousegallery today! pic (by Lou Marcellin) from my atonal cringe singing (just about passed my high vanity standards for pics of performance)
repost of @astheniazine issue 06 open on my page (the iPhone finger drawing on the right) 👁🖌📖
tissue script for Near Bliss Index, tomorrow 2pm...either my PMS is next level or something about this performance has made me incredibly anxious (hmmm whatever could that be?!)
nonsensical pop song chorus
NEAR BLISS INDEX- like a wedding in a park in June, except everyone admits that relationships are really stressful- followed by a (non-performative) picnic  @pumphousegallery
You, a bone in the rain
work isn’t going very well but at least my pattern game is strong
that’s it from now I’m only speaking in rhyming verse
great performance by Rosa Uddoh- funny and sad and insightful which is a hard mix to nail
just had to leave this lovely morning writing spot after being pooped on by a's good luck tho right
just a bit of studio envy- top floor room with views across a fertile valley in the Spanish countryside
Silver Bandage, issue 11 of the Happy Hypocrite is taking submissions! 
Check @bookworksuk for the callout (or try and read scraps of it in this screenshot creation?) and get submitting 🤓📝📥