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Last day in BKK, got a wonderful £3 haircut at the market 💈- the barber pointed to a pic of David Beckham circa ‘97 so I was briefly worried I’d be given a Hoxton fin
meanwhile at the Wat...another creative cat solution to staying cool or at least pretending today is cancelled
I was about to start meditation when this monster lizard started crawling out of the klong, so I ran for cover in the safety of the bungalow...note the size of its stomach
Leaving the south seas today and this cat pretty much sums up how I’ve been dealing with the insane heat
Uber illegal
hardest monk in Chiang Mai (couldn’t quite snap his impressive tats without being disrespectful)
Chose the unlucky prophecy but it’s actually quite fitting: ‘no one can help you’
I survived Doi Suthep vipassana!! On a diet of sugary drinks and the occasional contraband canned coffee
if anyone had warned me beforehand that it’s basically an experimental torture program I wouldn’t have come  but *cliche alert 🚨* it was the best thing I have ever done and I am so happy that I just cried to the spice girls
Tried to get the sign saying welcome to prison in... not that I should be posting anyway as I’m sposed to renouncing all that vanity shit for at least a week
cheap ticket/ painting my nails is the only way I can sit still for long enuf to do the 120 pages of reading
just installed Freedom AND this crappy white noise thing that has ‘Hangover Cure’ as an in-app purchase 
consider me optimised
things dawning