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Yesterday we drove the Road to Hana. It was a crazy curvy road with 300 foot cliffs, black sand beaches, and waterfalls. I can't wait to come back and stop for each of the hikes. Maybe camp at Haleakala. Maui has turned out to be quite the beautiful island! 😬🐢☀🌊🌴🌺
When the trail you go on to get to the highway takes you under the highway rather than up to the highway. 😳😭😫😖 #gottabacktracknow
Quick walk around the UH Lyon Arboretum in Manoa. At the top, there was a little waterfall. With how much rain we've had lately, I'm surprised it wasn't bigger! 🌴☔
The #Smithey is great so far! Made jalapeno cornbread the day it arrived and had minimal sticking. Today I baked an omelette and I'm impressed at how easy the eggs came off. I fried potatoes in the pan prior for the omelette and it was nice having steep sides compared to other pans i've used in the past. There was minimal oil spray. Also, leeks, garlic, mushrooms, and fried potatoes are great together in an omelette.
It's a little hard to see it in this photo but the Ko'olau mountains form waterfalls when we get heavy rain. 😁☔
Sure am missing this oaf of a cat!  What dramatic faces she makes. 😂😾 @jamie_albee
The war ravages on. There were two more casualties tonight; both of the unknown hanging flowers that I never knew the names of. I loved them. I wiped off about 20 mealy bugs off the healthy hibiscus. These pests have been brutal. Never have I had to deal with something like this. If you see a single mealy bug on your plants - take care of it immediately. Supposedly each female bug can lay up to 600 eggs. They spread fast and come out of nowhere.
The fight with the mealy bugs continues... Today, I followed UH's recommendations for managing pink hibiscus mealy bugs. I soaked the roots of the hibiscus in 120°F water for 15 minutes and repotted the plant in a freshly sanitized pot. Then I went from the top down and searched each leaf for the bugs and their egg sacs. I wiped each one with alcohol on a q-tip and swiped them into a plastic bag. The hibiscus was really infested - you can tell by the deformed leaves. When the mealy bugs bite into the plant, they inject a toxin that causes the plant to grow gnarly and shrub-like. You can see what the branches look like now, as compared to the hula girl hibiscus that sits next to it, in the last two pictures. After finishing cleaning up tonight, I realized how much I care about these plants. I don't even give myself this much tender love and care. 😂❤🌷🌺🌹
This past weekend started off with, uhm, car problems. 😝 I'm not a very mechanically inclined dude, so I always sigh a little bit whenever I'm forced to work on my island car.

Ended up changing the alternator. First time I've changed something by myself without first breaking it further. 😂 well... So far... The wheels are still turning for now. 😁
After a long nonner day at work, I came home to chipper boyfriend who cooked a wonderful meal for us. 😘 how on Earth did I get so lucky?
Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a garden without pests? These little guys have been trying to take over the hibiscus. One of the plants is down in the dumps and the other is just starting to get them. Luckily, I have the internet and opposable thumbs. I've been plucking these mealy bugs off for the last few days and started spraying them again. A solid 4 months without pests was a good run! 😅
I'm convinced my hands permanently smell like garlic and onions. 😝