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Received some well needed nutrients in the Vegan Greens & Reds Superfoods from @1upnutrition. This does not mean I’m going vegan. It’s just the need for me to consume a lot nutrients from fruits and vegetables that are considered #superfoods. 
#1upnutrition #lifestylechange #health #fitness #positivemindset
I also ordered some much needed nutrients via this new product from @1upnutrition. I do eat some veggies, but I definitely could use more and the nutrients they provide for a more balanced diet. 
#1upnutrition #lifestylechange #healthyfood #healthandfitness
Just ordered some high protein from @ieatprotein, which is a sister company to @1upnutrition as part of my lifestyle change. The hardest part of the change is the giving up of the available deliciousness out there that isn’t healthy for you nor provides any nutritional value. If you you’d like to try for yourself, click the link in my bio to save yourself 30% additional on top of their web site sale. 
#ieatprotein #1upnutrition #lifestylechange #health
I just received my order from @doterra via their wellness advocate Tiffany (@theoilvixen)who has been extremely nice in helping with what I was looking for. If you have any questions, be sure to contact her in the DM.
#doterra #essentialoils #serenity #lavender #wellness #health #sleep #relaxation
I just ordered two products in my continuing lifestyle change. I ordered #Lavender and #Serenity Essential Oil/Blend from my friend Tiffany (@theoilvixen). She’s a wellness advocate for @doterra. As soon as I receive them, I’ll be going live over on my #youtube channel for a unboxing and initial thoughts. If you’re interested in improving your sleep or overall wellness, the link to Tiffany’s page is my bio. 
#doterra #essentialoils #wellness #sleep #health
Good morning. Happy Friday. It’s time to get shit done. So what’s your #FridayFocus?
‪Here’s a better look of the items received to from @1UpNutrition: BCAAs, L-Carnitine 3000, & Whey Protein | #1upnutrition ‬
Here’s the second quick video I did unboxing the package that had Chocolate and Peanut Butter Blast whey protein from @1upnutrition 
#1upnutrition #healthandfitness #lifestylechange #hustle #perserverance
Here’s a quick video from the unboxing of the first box which contained the BCAAs and L-Carnitine 3000 from @1upnutrition 
#1upnutrition #lifestylechange #healthandfitness
Just arrived today, some more @1upnutrition products. Yes, unfortunately I made these product orders in two separate shipments and on the same day as well. 
1. BCAAs - Raspberry Lemonade
2. L-Carnitine 3000 - Tropical Mango
3. Whey Protein - Chocolate & Peanut Butter Blast

The change is definitely on and making some progress. Stay tuned for a live stream on my #YouTube channel later tonight. Subscribe:

#1upnutrition #lifestylechange #healthandfitness #hustle #perserverance
‪Good morning and welcome to the wonderful day of Wednesday. What’s on your plate today?  Whatever it is, let’s get to work and accomplish shit. #RiseandGrind #Hustle #Workflow #HandleYourBusiness‬
Reading the book, #crushingit by @garyvee, for a second time in just as many weeks. Knowledge is the main element to a strong #hustle